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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Planet X Genesis - Pictorial Review

Everyone loves big bots! No one can deny that. Back in the 80's, aside for the combiners that ran around, destroying cities, there was Omega Supreme, one of the largest Autobots out there

Pic Credit : Web
Once a member of the legendary Guardians, Omega was in charge of guarding the Crystal City of Cybertron. Betrayed by his now-corrupted-to-evil friend, the city's creator, The Constructicons, Omega Supreme was taken aback while he watched the destructions of the city. Thus begin the million years hunt for revenge.

Pic Credit : Web
Omega Supreme can be considered lucky enough to be one of the characters that appeared in other continuity/timelines other that G1 itself. The character also appeared in Transformers Energon and Animated series, bearing the homage of the original Omega Supreme.

Much recently, through the popular third-person shooter video game by High Moon Studio in 2010, Omega Supreme also made an appearance in Transformers : War For Cybertron

He skipped leg-day
Pic Credit : Web

In 2012, a newcomer in 3rd Party league suddenly made an appearance, and amazed the fan. Planet X made their debut with teaser of their 1st project, Genesis. Being a literally unknown company, Genesis caught the fan's attention with this ambitious release.

In Package

Box : Front View

My first impression of this was,  'Wow!' Genesis has the best box ever compared to other 3rd party releases (and better than HasTak's). The box is sturdy, the printing is very detail and rich. Not to mention, Genesis overall weight around 3.8KG

Box : Back View

At the back is the artwork of Not-Omega supreme which directly use the toy design rather than the official WFC's design

There's window on the front of the box which give view of Genesis inside. On the inner side of the window are basically actual toy pictures of Genesis (in both Alt Mode and Robot Mode)

Before we proceed, I would like to stress out that Planet X really impressed me. Pricing at roughly 300USD, this is a very expensive figure but packaging wise, it does feel like they put a lot of effort in it.

The instructions sheet however, made me felt otherwise. After fiddling with the figure, I found out there are too many things being left out and not shown in the manual. To me, based on the design of the figure, a more comprehensive and detailed instructions sheet should be given

Biocard with the same artwork
as shown at the back of the box

Aside from that, Genesis comes with an interesting set of accessories

Packed separately, Genesis comes with 5 LEDs. However, I'm still not sure whether they came in as limited release, store exclusive or what.

The LEDs are pressure-activated with no locking mechanism on the button

Alt Mode

Genesis transforms into a enormous spacecraft which without being told upfront, can be assume as anything. But, after you knew, he's the most bada** spacecraft you ever seen. LOL!

The figure is very detailed! Genesis surprised me with how perfectly built the figure is. The alt mode is very sturdy and solid.

Let me remind you though, transforming him is challenging! The weight, the complexity, really takes it out of you. Making it worst are the the tight and solid joint combined with pressure-lock pegs used which needed some force in order to attach/detach them.

The sturdy joints able to withstand near 4KG of weight

A few parts of him can transform into modes homaging his G1 incarnations

The 2-parts that formed Genesis's left and right arms can be combined into a rocket

The head can either be stored inside his spacecraft mode or separately becomes a  tank

With the LED inserted

I mentioned before that Genesis seems to be lacking in terms of his instructions sheet so it's kind of hard to determined whether, for instance the rocket, is purely coincidence or intended. Hence, I won't be going into detail in terms of other possible 'fan mode'

Size Comparison

Orion Pax is generally the size of current Deluxes

Robot Mode

Collecting the CHURGs line, one of the thing that I thought to be lacking is Big Bots, being the biggest official release (back then, before the monstrosity of Metroplex) are the Ultras. Through TFC's Hercules, I found my peace and I thought it couldn't be better than this. Along came Genesis...

Genesis is a beast! That's for sure. With that intimidating look, Genesis really is something else

Back View
Despite his Alt Mode, Genesis is literally kibble free, with the wings served more as a homage rather than a necessity.

Like I mentioned before, the detailing on Genesis is crazy! With roughly no piece of plastics left untouched

Genesis comes with no normal hands but instead with a claw on one side and a mega-cannon on the other

Comes with spinning claw gimmick by rotating
the ring on the wrist

These 2 portions of hands are heavy, no doubt about it. And considering the connection between that and the upper hands are pressure-peg, it does kind of worries me. However, it seems after many transforming session, none of the pegs seems to be worn out.

Talking about weight, there was a question before, How poseble and playable can he be?

Genesis came with a great combinations of 2 factors, 1) great articulations and 2), sturdy built and joints to support those poses

 Genesis came with ball jointed head which basically allows wide range of articulations.The shoulders are double jointed, 90o range of motions for the elbows, double jointed waist, a combinations of multiple mechanisms on the thighs which I can't name, double jointed knees and a really-really strong ankle tilts to support all the weight

Yes, the shoulders are strong enough

Genesis has a few gimmicks in his robot mode

Genesis contain 8 of these small turret designed with ball joint concept. There 2 on the waist, 2 on the back, 4 on the wings, front and back

There are 5 places where the LEDs can be installed into Genesis, namely his hands (2), ankles(2) and the last one in the chest
 The LEDs aren't actually bright enough though

Saw that people ask about his chest compartment. To open it, just rotate the piece of plastic on his chest and turn it upside down, That would release the lock and the cover can be opened easily

Size comparison

From the beginning, I've suspected that Genesis will be taller than TFC Hercules. However, it does surprised me on HOW MUCH TALLER he is compared to Hercules

With Generations Orion Pax

One might think that the price is too high for Genesis. Maybe if it's HasTak, it can be cheaper. However, Genesis really worth the cost, every penny spent. Genesis has a perfect combinations of design, practicality, posebility and playability

Autobots, Roll out!


  1. Nice review @@

  2. love the detailings on the plastics. and it's not typical hasbro's hollow plastic as well. they carry their weight

    1. Agreed! still, based on the price, he should be

    2. hope metroplex will be sturdy as well

    3. Hope so too but I think it won't be as solid

  3. Keep up the great review bro!

    1. Thanks bro. You're one of the person that inspire me to start my on review site

  4. Now that's some good reviewing right there. You're reviews of Hardbone & Brainwave caused me to buy em. May have to let Planet X marinade a bit longer before I take the plunge on that one.

  5. Wow, thanks for the support! But seriously, get Genesis before it's too late. Price a bit steep, sure but the quality is the best!