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Saturday, 31 August 2013

TFC F-16 Falcon [Project Uranos] - Pictorial Review

Finally, nearing the end of Project Uranos however, despite the long wait, I dreaded the fact that it arrived simultaneously with ACG-HK Metroplex... I'm broke...

Let's continue, with the last member of TFC's Project Uranos (but not the last release, waiting for Wing Of Uranos), F-16 Falcon, Not-Skydive

Pic Credit : Web
Being the geek of the group, Skydive enjoys reading, a lot, before the hobby was destroyed with the release of Twilight Saga (LOL). However, foes are not to take him lightly, as he's capable of mimicking any flight patterns, any aerial tactics thanks to his filled up databank through his 'geeky' hobby. Just as his team members were, except for Silverbolt, Skydive was not, initially, bound to the whole Autobots cause.

In Package

In Package - Front View

The same presentation as the previous four members. However, F-16 Falcon does look good even in package

In Package - Side View
Yet another great design by TFC. Personally, I think TFC is one of the 3rd Party companies whose design really fits the Classics/Henkei/United/Generations/Reveal The Shield lines rather than say, Fansproject or Maketoys combiners.

In Package - Back View
Falcon came with a instructions sheet, a biocard and also a poster of the same artwork (which I forgot to mention in the last few reviews, my bad)

Instructions Sheet
Alt Mode

Like Eagle, Falcon comes with a stand (Uranos's foot) in Alt Mode

Side View

SDIVE = Skydive on the tail fin

One thing that bothers me is that the tail fin is hard kind of hard to peg together, a matter of the aligning them properly and also the fact that the pegs are a bit too weak

Falcon comes with 2 extra (smaller) missiles compared to Eagle, Phantom and Harrier

Attaching the stand is a bit different with how Eagle is, in between the thigh rather than the knees

I really love their alt mode's group shot. I had the original Superion when I was a kid and this set really remind me of them, with the same look and feel

Maybe the only mistake they did was choosing Not-Silverbolt's alt mode, not as a white "Blackbird"

Robot Mode

Falcon might be one of the best design in Project Uranos, aside from Phantom, for me personally

Comes in a nice mix of dark grey, black, red with small hint of yellow, Falcon does feels different than the rest of the group

Basically the same as Eagle, with the only difference is the tail fin

Just like their previous releases, TFC chose to put their own taste in designing Falcon while still maintaining the homage of the original character

On par the previous Uranos's members, Falcon has a more than average articulations point compared to current standards of CHURGs line. Ball jointed head, waist swivel, hinges and swivel joints on the shoulders, hinges on the elbows, ratchet and swivel joints on the thighs, knees on hinges and ball jointed feet

Comparison shot between Eagle and Falcon

The 2 legs of Uranos

The Legs

The Hands


As were Phantom and Harrier, it appears that Eagle and Falcon also are totally different from each other, aside from their build. For some it may not mattered much but at least I know that TFC didn't cheaped out their Uranos Project with reuse of the exact same molds (like HasTak did for their Energon/Superlink combiners)

Combined Mode

Falcon forming the left leg of Uranos

I've switched the foot for Falcon with Eagle's so that the screw holes will be facing inwards instead of outwards

Project Uranos Assembled
TFC's Not-Aerialbots
The real Not-Aerialbots line up

One thing that I love about TFC's take on the combiners team is that how well in-scale they are with CHURGs figures compared to, let's say, Fansproject and Maketoys. HasTak did get it right before by releasing the team's commander, Silverbolt and Onslaught in Ultra Class which is right to me

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