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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

TFC Uranos [Project Uranos] - Pictorial Review

The first of many, the Aerialbots, consist of Silverbolt, Skydive, Slingshot, Air Raid and Fireflight, formed the first Autobots combiners (in the G1 US Continuity), Superion.

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Despite being one of the most popular Autobots combiner ever, Superion is far from perfect, really far. In theory, the combining process of gestalts often results in insanity and instability due to the meshing of disparate personalities into one mismatched whole.

Overcoming this issue, Superion chose not to meld it together, instead shutting all out, the conflicting personalities of the Aerialbots. Deprieved from all that, Superion was left with sole purpose of destroying the Decepticons,  with Menasor at the top of his list, other than protecting the earth and human.

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Superion's design was depicted in the cartoon having a mouth plate however it wasn't the case for his G1 toy nor most of the media, comic etc

IDW's The Transformers:Robot In Disguise #9 Night and the City
Pic Credit : Web

Before we move on, below are the links for the previous Project Uranos's review

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Group shots

Alt Mode

Robot Mode
TFC Uranos [Project Uranos]

It's been around 8 months since I got a hold of TFC Phantom in January and now Uranos is 90% complete, with the only thing left is Wing Of Uranos

 My first impression when I combined him was that, "THIS IS AWESOME!", made me even more excited than when Hercules was completed.

Uranos is huge and by far more intimidating, a different perception of him compared to when I saw his pictures online. Combining wise, Uranos is easier as each 2 of the limbs shared the same configuration, unlike Hercules.

Despite a lot of complaints, Uranos's head sculpt and chest plate actually looks better in-hand. Personally, ordering the Wing Of Uranos set now is merely to complete Project Uranos rather than a necessity

One of the the downside that I see in Uranos is that he has a lot of kibbles. Though understandable, wish he didn't, a small price to pay considering I prefer all the accessories/parts to be included rather than set aside

Uranos in general, give me a mix feeling. Compared to Hercules, TFC fixed and improved the combiner ports allowing a more secure connection. Also, a vast improvement on the joinst eg Uranos's thigh, elbows, heels and shoulders allowing Uranos to be posed quite flexibly

Now, for the downsides of him. Uranos, while having a solid joints, the heels have too big a of a range for the tilt, and the same with his thigh, making Uranos either stuck with the leg at straight position but only enough room for 1 leg OR seperated too wide (the same case as Universe Powerglide and Classics Megatron)

TFC opted for detachable parts since Project Hercules and continued it on Project Uranos, having the wings, tail fins, etc to be removable in order to ease up the transformations. And with Uranos having loads of that, which is bad enough that the parts bumped into each other, posing Uranos sometimes create a hassle with the removable parts falling off

However, the wings and tail fins can be positioned so that more clearance available for the figure to be posed (you need to familiarize yourself to find the configurations that suits you). Also, TFC posted a picture of Wing Of Uranos's prototype having all the wings etc removed. It's matter of choice

Comparison Shots

With Generations Orion Pax

With TFC Hercules
 Uranos is basically half-a-head taller than Hercules but initially bumps me out, hoping for the exact same size of TFC's combiners. Seeing this however, figured that the difference is negligible

With Planet X's Genesis
Uranos however is roughly half-a-head smaller than Genesis which is as I want it to be so no complaints here

That's the end of Project Uranos (the core part, at least). So what's my vote?

  • Mature design aesthetic wise, really suits me personally
  • Major improvement in terms of quality of the plastic
  • Better joints and combining mechanisms

  • The problem with the heels shouldn't even be there in the first place
  • During the release of Rage of Hercules set, it was understandable, TFC received so much input to improve Hercules that they released the add on set. But Wing of Uranos is purely for the sake milking the fans
Well, that's all I can think about. Keeping it short, I love Project Uranos, hoping for an even better releases in the future from TFC, starting with their Not-Predaking

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