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Monday, 30 September 2013

KFC E.A.V.I. Metal Mugen Scope - Pictorial Review

Now, for a somewhat famous recurring character of Transformers continuity, having to reappear in Transformers Victory, (a version of homaging him in) Transformers Animated and several other comic continuity, Perceptor. This review is made possible by a dear friend that lend me his piece. Thanks Bro!

Pic Credit : Web
One of the most brilliant mind of Cybertron, Perceptor is one of the most important character in G1 continuity, supporting the Autobots in countering the Decepticons' assault with his clever plans and strategies paired with his inventions. Despite his populartiy, Perceptor transformed from an obsecure character of Transformers past to a cool-and-slicker-than-hell character by IDW comic representation

Perceptor The Gunslinger
Pic Credit : Web

Badly injured and saved by a newcomer, Drift, Perceptor decided to become a warrior, instead of a mere scientist. With a new upgrade body, near-impervious breastplate, aiming arm stabilizer and targeting optic, Perceptor do more for the Autobots course in battle than he'd ever has in his life

As part of the 2011 Reveal the Shield/United line, Perceptor was released with a design that homage him to the core...but not his alt mode. Inspired by his Animated homage, Perceptor transformed into a half-track vehicle with almost-plausible fan mode of a Microscope.

Unexpected (at least by me), a 3rd Party Company decided to release a more IDW-accurate version of Perceptor. Here's a review of KFC (Keith Fantasy Toy) E.A.V.I. Metal Mugen Scope review

In Package

In Package - Front View
Here it is, Mugen Scope's box art. I must say, as opposed to TFCs or TWs artworks, Mugen Scope has a more mature feeling to it, something different from what I've usually see in other 3rd Party products

In Package - Side View
Simple presentation on the side of the box with a white silhouette of Mugen Scope, his sniper and 3 links of Keith Fantasy Club (KFC)

In Package - Back View
At the back, aside from Mugen Scope himself, there's an almost detail description of Mugen Scope that somehow resembles how Perceptor 'transformed' himself


As a standard nowaday, Mugen Scope comes with (not surprisingly, 1 sheet of) an instruction sheet and also a biocard. A glimpse of the instruction sheet kind of bothers me seeing how 'few' parts involved in the transformation process


Alt Mode

Now, the 1st of the 2 alt modes of Mugen Scope, the alt mode that fans longed for

Mugen Scope transformed into a modern microscope that is somewhat plausible enough for me. The transformation though, as I suspected, is fairly simple.

Haven't experience any of KFCs previous releases, I was fairly satisfied with the plastic quality, which reminded me of Mech Ideas' Demolition Crue.

Back View
However, I do wish the transformations to be extended more as some parts appeared to be not properly transformed


"I'm working, not playing with myself"
Next, is the tank mode

Unlike the Microscope Mode...I'm not really onboard with the Tank Mode so much. Transforming is more easy from either modes to the tank mode which made me think, they should've just stop at the Microscope Mode

Not so much thought was put into this, I think

Comparison With RtS Perceptor
In Tank Mode, Mugen Scope is roughly the same size as most Deluxes

Robot Mode

Mugen Scope comes with aside the figure himself, an extra head, 2 guns and also a sniper rifle. However, unlike the way the packaging is, it appears that KFC decided to cut cost and excluding 2 knife/blade and another set of rifles.

Extra Head - Without Targetting Optic

Nicely design, Mugen Scope is a really slick robot that despite his look, is really sturdy. However, it seems that KFC also decided to exclude initial plan of having diecast parts which explain his reduced price (as far as I know, unless I missed his diecast parts)

KFC did a spendid job in terms of the detailing on his face, especially the targetting optic. However, it's a shame that they kind of failed to capture IDW Perceptor's real face expression

One thing that people might not notice is that Mugen Scope, homaging Perceptor, missed out on the real color, having red and blue (the colors of Optimus Prime) as opposed to Red and Green

Back View
Mugen Scope has a really clean design in which no kibble can be seen that might hinder his articulations. However, the shoulder canon's attachment is his weakest link. On most online reviews, it were mentioned that the attachment was  fairly loose and can easily pop-off on the Prototype version of him. And the problem was not rectified which bothers me a lot

Mugen Scope's Core and his 'near-impervious' Breastplate

Now for another part where KFC doesn't disappoint, Mugen Scope's articulations.

Mugen Scope comes with ball-jointed head (which is fairly limited due to shape of his head), a waist joint, double-jointed shoulders, swivel above the elbows, double-jointed elbows and wrists' swivel

The best part is, double-jointed knees allowing wider range of articulations aside from ball-jointed and swivel joints on the thighs and ankle tilts.

Stability Test

The Gunslinger
Pulling off some awesome poses

"Lock & Loaded...Sir"

Comparison with RtS Perceptor
Not after this shot that I realized how 'off' RtS Perceptor really is, with his bulkiness and head sculpt. Don't get me wrong, I love the RtS version of Perceptor and not gonna trade him with Mugen Scope. It's just that, the proportion of Mugen Scope fits IDW Perceptor more than RtS Perceptor (which is sufficient to homage G1 Perceptor)

I totally agreed on how nice the update of Perceptor done by KFC. However, I would like to point out that :-
  • Mugen should have a better color scheme, to homage Perceptor more (not being an Optimus-ceptor)
  • Joints are top-knotch! I give you that. But there are 3 ball joints that are soo small that extra care needed when handling him (the head, connector from the body to the bridge and the bridge to the shoulder cannon)
  • KFC should've work more to solve the connector issue of the bridge to the body so that it doesn't pop off easily (up to a frustrating level). Mugen Scope could've gone to a different level it KFC cattered for this first


  1. like the new layout, can see more details in those photos.

    wanna dinner kfc?

  2. Stability test..
    Do those that u not included any stability test pics, have stability problem?

    1. no, not neccessarily. however some does have other problem ie back heavy, not-too strong thigh joints and some maybe the legs are too heavy, that made me skip the stability test

  3. happy to read this one review! thanks!

    1. thanks! Happy to skip or happy to buy? :p

  4. I see you compare the quality plastic of this figure with mech ideas demolition crüe. I have that set, and I have to say thay I hated the plastic quality!! I don't know if is only with mine, but they feel so fragile and they came with veeeeery loose joints and stress marks... I've been thinking in buy this guy, but I guess now is a pass... sadly I'll have to wait for another 3rd party representation of IDW perceptor, if that someday happens...

    1. yup but not exactly like Mech Ideas, sadly a bit lower. But that's not the problem for Mugen Scope, it's the execution and design. They could've better and not sacrificed the alt mode altogether just for the robot mode