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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Toyworld TW-H02 Brainwave - Pictorial Review Part 2

Robot Mode

Brainwave, Head On!

Now, Brainwave in robot mode

To be honest, at first I was having doubts about him, especially when Fansproject annouced their own version of Not-Brainstorm. But in-hand, I'm really happy that I chose TW's version. Transformations wise, he's quite simple but fun, with all the small details Toyworld put into the design

Side View
Hardbone received a lot of complaints before, with weak locking and pegs, 'thin' plastics, etc. However, Brainstorm shows how much Toyworld had improved. The locking and pegs are nicely done, no dangling parts, no wobbles, nothing. Plastic wise, it feels sturdier and more compact compared to Hardbone's seemingly hollow plastics.

Another complaint was that Brainwave's funny face. In hand, to be honest, it looks better (not great, but better!), just how I would imagine if the Japanese did Transformers Headmasters series more serious. Toyworld chose Transformers Headmaster's Brainstorm color scheme while the head design is from Transformers G1.

The X-Wing can be configure in a few way, two of them are normal configuration and also like above. The joints holding the wings are strong enough for it to stay that way

Hidden Thruster, small gimmick by TW

Power-core thingy like Hardbone's

Articulations wise, basically following current standards for transformers, with major improvement compared to Hardbone

Brainwave comes with swivel joints on the head, double-jointed shoulders, swivels between elbow and shoulders, ratchet joint on the elbows and swivel joints on the wrist, waist swivel, ratchet joint on the thighs and knees, ankle tilts

Like Harbone's hidden knife and silencer, Brainwave also comes with secret weapons

On each of Brainwave's leg, stored sickle-like weapon (resembles Karambit, a weapon if not mistaken, originated from Indonesia) which are concealed nicely

Unique choice of weapon by Toyworld

Size Comparison

2 more for the Autobots and we're done!

Now for another part of gimmick taken from the Headmasters' "Cross Head On"

Cross Head On between Chromedome and Hardhead

Getting Ready...

Okay....maybe not the best combinations....


  1. Good evening,

    Awesome review.
    What's make u choose TW instead of Fansproject?

    1. hi, thanks for your support. em, a few reason. first, the design, when FP chromedome (which was rumored to be by both FP and Jizaitoy) was announced, i really2 don't like his design. next, the size. FP Chromedome (and the subsequent Headmasters) is deluxe, roughly the same size of FOC Jazz which to me is too small. From the headmaster cartoon, I imagined them to be at least as tall as Prime or Rodimus.
      however, quality wise, FPs are top notch, better than TW, especially on the plastics. so, if you don't mind the size, get FP. But, as i see on many of CHURGs design, all of them are not G1 but neo-G1, they bound to have differences in both alt mode and robot mode. that's why i kinda like TW version, not G1 accurate but an updated version of that

    2. Everybody has theirs own taste and reason..
      But, i'll opt for FP..

      Do you watch any Utube review?

    3. yes i did. actually, if based on quality, i'll surely opt for FP as well ;)