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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Toyworld TW-H02 Brainwave - Pictorial Review Part 1

Now, it's time for the one who conceptualize the Headmasters project, the new brain of the new era of Transformers, Brainstorm. A genius, one of the brightest mind in Cybertron who doesn't really bow to constraint of society, safety and well...don't-start-an-apocalypse-things.

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First appearing in the 3-parts finale of Transformers G1 Season 4, Brainstorm spelled out his new theory of dramatical improvement on Cybertronians fighting abilites through the integration with Human. Though was found as blaphemous at first, the idea was revisited in the event of retriving the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber and helping Nebulon's freedom fighter against their oppressor, The Hive.

Brainstorm appeared differently in the Transformers G1 Finale and Transformers Headmasters and his initial characteristics mostly change in the latter.

Brainstorm : Na ah, not you!
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Toned down color with a more gentlemen-er expression
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Unlike most of other Transformers characters, Brainstorm is a unique name only used to refer to him. Additionally, G1 is the only toy version that Brainstorm has, with not even simple repaint...until 2 (and possibly 3) 3rd Party companies decided to do it, namely Toyworld and Fansproject (with possability of 3rd from MMC)

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In Package

In Package - Front View
Toyworld Brainwave comes in almost similar packaging to Hardbone (and 'coincidentally', most of TFC's offering). The box is fairly better than Hardbone's was, a welcomed improvement

On the bottom half of the front, there's nice artwork of Brainwave based on the design of the figure. However, you can see that the colors are a bit different between the artwork and the figure

The design on the back of the box is plain and simple with Brainwave in both jet mode and robot mode

Aside from the figure, Brainwave comes with an instruction sheet/manual and a biocard

Alt Mode

My first impression getting Brainwave out of the box is how sturdy the plastic feels, compared to Hardbone. Everything pegged nicely with no loose parts, accept for the detachable guns on the front

A really smooth and clean design

On ground mode, Brainwave comes with 4 landing gears/stabilizers, neatly stored. Even so, without those, the can wings still pegs in securely

Back View


Brainwave have a really nice design and detailing on him, back to the front. The paint job in this mode is clean, without any smudges

From below, Brainwave's robot mode is fairly hidden with only the thighs area visible

Just like Hardbone (and the Headmasters figures), Brainwave has a cockpit where the Not-Arcana can sits in

Now, for the part that the fans dreaded the most about Brainwave. For flight mode, the wings open up following the configurations of Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter

Personally, even from the start, the Classics Line is always about modernizing the G1 characters by giving a new design while homaging them. The complaint about Brainwave's X-Wing Starfighter alt mode is like complaining the Alt mode for Classics Optimus Prime, Universe Onslaught, RTS Perceptor and basically every figure in CHURGs Line. My 2 cents

Size Comparison

With TW-H01 Hardbone

Brainwave is longer than Hardbone in alt mode with roughly the same weight. However, Brainwave does feel more 'compact' compared to Hardbone

The Headmaster

First of all, to put in or take out Not-Arcana, the grey pieces behind the cockpit need to be flipped upwards giving more clearance for the cockpit

Not-Arcana have small detailing following the design of Brainwave robot mode just like Not-Duros following Hardbone

Back View
Had a chance playing with Fansproject's Not-Chromedome, wish that Toyworld's version of Headmasters also able to conceal the face

Not-Arcana quality is way better than Not-Duros was, with tighter joints especially on the thighs and knees making standing easier

Just Chillin~

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