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Sunday, 3 October 2021

Transformers X Dracula Universal Monsters Draculus - Pictorial Review

This is something that was unexpected. The Transformers Collaborative line started in 2019 with the release of repaints homaging pop culture characters/movies like Ghostbutsters, Back to The Future and few others. However, it's possible that the Universal Monsters crossover won't just be a one-off release but with many more to come, focusing on horror/monster characters from Universal Studio.

The first release, Draculus, is based on Universal Monster's Dracula. I believe it is based on 1931 Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi

In Package

Personally for me, Draculus has the best boxart and presentation, followed by Back To The Future Crossover (1st version)

The packaging resembles VHS casing, with pictures of the figure on the back

The inside box made to look like a VHS, which is a nice touch. They seem to put more effort on this release compared to its predecessors.

 The inner box doesn't come in a clamshell but rather using the normal twist-ties.

Alt Mode

Draculus use the mold of Titan Return/Takara LG Mindwipe, but with few retool parts. The overall black and red colors used are spot on. The finishing is fine without any smudges on mine.

While there's nothing new in terms of the sculpt of the alt mode, the contra between the red and black really highlight the overall details, which I really like especially on the wings.

While he is no longer a headmaster, the compartment on his body is still there.

The figure also comes with a cape that can be used in both mode. However in alt mode, it seems to be really, really optional.

Robot Mode

Count Draculus!!!! If you notice, the white on his body resembles Dracula's suit and the wings looks like the high collar. The head can't be detached and the based had been retooled. Then entire base of the neck flips out in alt mode and the titan master peg no longer there.

He comes with the same accessories as Mindwipe and sadly, his mold issue as well. The ball joints on his shoulders and his hip joints are a bit loose, something we've gotten used to during Prime Wars era.

Despite the slightly loose joints, he can still be posed without issue, And rectifying it is not a big deal.

The cape looks good in robot mode. There's a new peg on his back to attach the cape, which is a good effort considering the use (maybe the cape is not an after-thought afterall)

The cape itself is not a perfect gimmick, but I think it would be something that the fans would complaint if it wasn't included in the first place.

One thing I notice is that despite the red and black deco of the alt mode, the red is not visible in alt mode, which it kinda cool, having such a big difference between both modes.

For some, this might not be their cup of tea. But I kinda like Hasbro celebrating various pop culture icons though this collab line. If the Universal Monster line continues with other releases, I foresee Draculus will be sought after by many who decided to complete the whole line later.

Well, depend on how well the future releases gonna be.

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