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Monday, 21 June 2021

Transformers Kingdom Voyager Class Rhinox - Pictorial Review

Finally, the original 5 of the Maximal team, Rhinox, the BW counterpart of G1 Ironhide. This is the 2nd modern version of the character after the Generation Thrilling 30 version that was released on 2014. 

Alt Mode

Right of the bat, he looks much more stumpy and spotting a darker tone compared to Generation Rhinox. There are some white detailing noticeable at the front legs and near his horns.

The overall design of the beast mode follow more closely to his original BW counterpart and also the appearance in the cartoon whereas the Generations version IMO was modelled closer to a real live rhino.

His gatling guns can be stored inside neatly. Be sure to follow the transformation steps as it's hard to store them once you've finished transforming him. 

There's not much improvement in terms of articulation in beast mode, compared to the Generations version. 

However, they didn't repeat the mistake of using rubber flaps for the beast mode shell, giving him a perfectly form beast mode as opposed to the Generations version.

The first 5

Robot Mode

Fun transformation all around, the most hassle would be folding the rhino's hind legs to the inside of bot legs.

As far as proportion is concern, his build follow his character model better than Generation version. 

While I prefer him in terms of proportion, his hollowness in robot mode is definitely glaring, namely on the back of his body, and the underside of his upper arms (see few pictures below of this). This will be a major issue for most people. There are a lot of ways to display him without his hollowness becoming obvious, but it's there.

The weapon can be stored on his back securely. 

Articulation and stability wise, he's a great figure. Without any loose joints, he's fun to pose and played with.

The gatling guns doesn't come spinning gimmick like Generations version which I'm fine with. The size is smaller but I can't be sure whether it's cartoon accurate as the size is different from one episode to another.

There are ways to display without the hollow parts being visible. However I can't see no reason for this to be unavoidable during the design stage. But the size and tightness of the mushroom-peg connecting the body to the shoulders does contribute to the shoulder joint strength (although, they could've achieve same result with smaller, well measured joint size and tolerance)

The overall scale kinda work I guess, but I do think Dinobot should be taller than that (and Cheetor should've been a bit smaller)

Overall it's a nice figure, impressed with the overall joint quality and poseability. The hollowness bugs me a bit but can easily pose him without it being visible.

Would I switch him for Thrilling 30? Nope. The QC issue with Generations version bothers me more than Kingdom version. The loose pin joints on his shoulders and knees, and the rubber flaps that's almost impossible to tab together properly.

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  1. Fair review. Awesome! Wonder if they will redeco this toy...?