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Sunday, 27 June 2021

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut Steppenwolf - Pictorial Review

 Now that we're done with the members of Justice League, time to proceed with the main antagonist, Steppenwolf. 

He is one of the main reasons I decided to collect the line. Wouldn't give it a second thought if the movie still use the theatrical version.

He is menacing. He is sinister. That's the vibe that I got from him right out of the box (also the quality, but we'll talk about that later). He is one of 2 Megafigs released under this line and comes with a base stand and an axe.

The sculpting is accurate and life-like, the whole body is full of texture instead of just painted details. The overall material feels harder compared to other releases, similar to Cyborg.

First issue. The axe is made out of rubber (or rubbery-plastics) which is common. But due to the size  and weight of the head, it will slowly curve downward. Not permanent, at least for now.

The presence of the figure is undeniable. The size, the sculpt and the finishing made him a monstrous figure.

Second issue. The quality of the joints are the worst that I had ever seen for McFarlane DC figure. 

The smaller problem, the triceps joints are too damn tight that I had to first pull out the arms and try to rotate them till they loosen up. 

The medium-size problem. The shoulders joints aren't as tight as they should be. Not a problem for his left hand but for the axe-wielding right hand, yes.

The real problem. The hip joints for both front/back and outward movement are really bad. They can't really support the weight of the figure. You'll have him suddenly doing splits when posing him. Yes, he has a base to support him. But no, it shouldn't be compulsory to use. I would expect a figure to be able to support his own weight.

The joint issue really is taking the fun out of this figure. With all the dynamic poses you have in mind, you can't bring it to life without going through the 5 stages.

Denial             : "I don't think the joints are that bad"
Anger             : "Could you not f**king fall down??"
Bargaining     : "Please God make this pose work, I'll be a better person"
Depression      : "What am I doing with my life...."
Acceptance     : "Fine...just stand still"

Despite being a 10" Megafig, I think he's still a bit small compared to how he's presented in the movie. Nitpicking, but still.

I have a lot of poses in mind but when you spend 20 minutes getting him into that pose...
you take what you can get

Overall, he has great presence on your shelf. The sculpting the phenomenal, no doubt. While the hip joints will fail you, you can always take your time getting him in the pose then leave it forever and not touching him.

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