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Friday, 18 June 2021

Transformers Kingdom Commander Class Rodimus Prime - Pictorial Review

 The most anticipated figure from Hasbro mainline this year, Commander Class Rodimus Prime (usually it's the Titan but The Ark is not your usual Titan)

One of the thing that's highly debated was Is He Worth the Commander price tag. Let's try and see

In Package

Front View

Comes in standard Kingdom-theme box. Cool artwork though

Back View

Rodimus comes with an instruction manual, a card, the figure (trailer and car) and a bag of accessories including quite a few effect parts (blast, smoke and matrix effect parts), blaster and a sword. I hated this kind of packaging since it's a hassle to keep any of the accessories back inside after the ties had been cut (but it's to reduce plastic waste so...)

Alt Mode (Car)

Rodimus Prime on its own transform into a car that really look like G1 Hotrod in terms of its bulkiness and proportion. The existence of this mode came to a surprise since we'd already gotten Hotrod car mode from SS86 line

There are 2 reason that I can think of, but purely speculation. (1) is the fact that G1 Rodimus doesn't really transform his bottom half and just slides into the trailer. Copying this you'll have an incomplete alt mode for Rodimus if he wasn't attached to his trailer. Or having Rodimus transform into the whole alt mode just like DX9 Carry, which is not a plausible option. Hence, the car mode. 

(2) is probably by doing this, another version of Hotrod can be released separately (with new face sculpt or whatever) without the trailer. In fact, with minor retooling, it can be used as different character, without having to release a repaint of the whole set again.


Rodimus Prime is definitely bigger than SS86 Hotrod's car mode. Luckily it's not a problem since people most probably won't display Rodimus is this alt mode

Alt Mode (Winnebago)

Is it the best alt mode for him? No. Is it better than the car mode? Yes!

The car just slide in the Winnebago, just like most other Rodimus Prime toys out there (POTP, Fansproject). However, it should've slide in a bit more, which is impossible due the size of the car and the trailer compartment.

For those who are worried, sliding in and out of the winnebago won't damage the spoiler nor the exhaust on the sides, based on multiple tries. Still better safe than sorry.

The blaster effect parts can be attached to the two exhaust at the back. There's also  a pair of black smoke effects that can be attached to the side exhausts but it's too tacky IMHO.

There's a compartment that you can pull out from under the winnebago and be used to store the matrix effect parts (and some others). The turret from the battle station can be attached on top of the winnebago.

I was fairly impressed when I saw that the back door comes with hydraulics but sadly, it's decorative. What happens is that the base of the "hydraulics" slides during opening and closing of the back door.

Disappointed, but not a deal breaker.

He's just a bit longer than Kingdom Ultra Magnusm whichI think it's due to Magnus trailer itself is a bit short.

Movie 86 cast

Robot Mode

The transformation is quite impressive and not at all straightforward. The figure seems to have a lot more parts count compared to other voyager/leader under the WFC line.

I love how he turns out, easily the best non-MP Rodimus Prime to date, at least for me.

Unlike Hotrod from SS86 line, Rodimus comes with a bit more detailing and streamlines. The face sculpt was another source of criticism as he looks like a really old Rodimus Prime. However, in hand he doesn't look that bad at all. 

The chest can be flip downward revealing his Matrix. It seems Hasbro are really generous nowadays, always giving us The Matrix whenever they can.

Overall I'm not disappointed with his articulation. He comes with all necessary range of movement aside from some limitation on the shoulders due to the shape. As a bonus, he also comes with articulated fingers (molded thumbs, individual index fingers while the rest merged at the base) and butterfly joints (small range).

The blast effects can be combined together but will be quite heavy and end up curved downward.

I honestly can't remember when Rodimus uses a sword (aside from Hotrod using lightsaber in movie 86). But in general, Rodimus comes with enough articulations to wield those weapons effectively.

Battle Station

Nothing much to say. Although the trailer/battle station comes with a lot of 5mm pegs that can be used to store any accessories. 


Light Our Darkest Hour!

With SS86 Hotrod

Movie 86 Assemble!

With Kingdom Leader Galvatron

This is the end of the road, Galvatron!

So, what's the verdict?

I think the biggest issue is the price point. But breaking it all up

- while the size is roughly no different that leader class Optimus Prime, Rodimus's trailer in itself comes with a lot more parts count and complexity, as opposed to Optimus's simple trailer
- the bot mode is technically between Voyager and Leader, but the build is really good. Solid and compact.

But is that enough to justify the price? I'm on the fence actually but setting aside the price issue, he's a solid and great figure, highly recommended. 

What if we're being eased into new price points but by having the figure goes up a class. 

A voyager at leader price-point technically means the price for voyager has increase.

A leader at commander price-point technically means the price for leader has increse.

But this was made slowly. The WFC leader was once a Voyager + Add On, hence the price. But with Doubledealer, Galvatron for examples, are just Voyagers. at leader price point.

Will Commander Class becomes the new Leader Class?


  1. I'm loving it but agree on the price point vs the scale...sighs

  2. Realy love it ,cant wait to have them and include Wfc,Price keeps increasin😭

    1. Wait till after 1st of July bro on the prices