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Monday, 28 June 2021

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut Darkseid - Pictorial Review

 Finally, the last figure of the Snyder Cut Wave (for me...for now. Martian Manhunter maybe?).

There are 2 versions of Darkseid available, this version which is mass release and Armored version where it was recently revealed to be SDCC exclusive

I was aiming for the Armored version at first but this version is more 'battle-ready' 

The 2nd Megafig figure, same height as Steppenwolf at 10". He comes with a display base and a spear.

The sculpt and detailing again floored me. While some may be bothered by the gap between the chest and abdomen, I can still live with it and beyond that, he's beautiful

The blue armor is made out of rubber and the head piece can actually be removed. Not something I would do, just highlighting that it is not simply painted, molded part of the head. They are also creative by mold part of the texture of the armor on the thighs instead of a long armor that will hinder his legs articulation (although some smudges can be seen)

The spear suffer the same issue as Steppenwolf's axe where the front part will slowly curve downward due to the weight of the spear head. Not because it's heavy but because the rubbery plastic is soft.

Luckily he doesn't suffer the same joint issue as [my] Steppenwolf. Lo and behold, the glory of Darkseid.

He comes with a good range articulation, just like the 7" inch McFarlane releases. The wrists articulation was changed from ball joints to pivot and swivel joints (same as Steppenwolf).

Mine comes with a issue of super-tight ankle tilt joint on both sides. I had to disassemble them, put them in warm water and rotate to loosen them up. But once they've cooled down, they're still quite tight.

With his articulation and stability, he is a really good figure to play and pose around.

Good range for figure with no thigh cut

The size difference between Darkseid/Steppenwolf and the JL lineup really elevate the menace of the villains. 

Darkseid generally is a satisfying figure, setting aside the limitation and what McFarlane lacks (accessories etc). The sculpt and detailing is one of the best for a line of this price point. 

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