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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Transformers Kingdom Leader Class Galvatron - Pictorial Review

I haven't been updating the blog for 6 years now but I thought I might try easing into it slowly. For starter, let us see Transformers Kingdom recent release, the character that never been properly release under official line, Galvatron

This is the 3 mold iterations of a G1-Inspired Galvatron toy under Hasbro (after Universe 2.0 and Titan Returns, excluding Galvatronus from Combiner Wars).

Alt Mode

In general, to me it's a major improvement to the TR version. The alt mode resembles his G1 character version better.

The  transformation is fun and a the accessories (dual-blasters and chained-matrix) can be attached to the cannon mode. However the dual-blasters do make the front of the cannon a bit crowded, especially with the plain all-grey finishing.


Robot Mode

Beautifully done. Despite receiving criticism when the he was first reveal, I honestly think he looks okay, easily the best G1-inspired non-MP version of this character. He comes with some battle damage effect on his chest and forearms, which I saw some people already removed.

While some people said the shoulders are misassembled, in hand I don't see much of the issue. But it was reported that a variant existed where the shoulders are supposedly assembled correctly.

Hasbro took a more cartoon accurate approach in terms of build, compared to UT Mania King's more slender and tall design. There are 2 ports on each arm to attach his cannon, above and below the elbow, depending on how you're posing him

The figure is well-made and all the pegs secured nicely and none of the joints are loose. The overall range of movement is good, having all the standard joints including ankle rockers, waist swivel and double-jointed elbows (due to transformation). A tiny nitpick, the fist seems to be a bit on the smaller-side

Perfectly scaled. However there are times in G1 cartoon where Cyclonus was shown to be taller than Galvatron. 

First Prime, then Ultra Magnus. And now you!

All in all, I think Kingdom Galvatron is decent release. The figure is well made and the design is almost G1-accurate. Fun but not overly complex transformation. 

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  2. Nice review as always! Bravo!
    What do you think of the upcoming TF Selects' redeco of the figure (in toy colours)?
    PS. There is also rumoured (leaked images) to be a 'scanning' (Unicron reformat sequence) version of this same toy coming up after that.

    1. You're right, so far there are 3 versions of him.

      I think on his own, the toy color version looks great. Just that personally I don't have a lineup fitting him in my collection