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Thursday, 24 June 2021

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut Cyborg Unmasked - Pictorial Review

 Let's keep the reviews going.

Next, Synder Cut Cyborg Unmasked version. I opted for this version the mask version made minimal appearance in the movie and insignificant meaning to me. As far as I can tell, both versions are identical sans the mask.

Of all the lineup, didn't really paid much attention to him, just a character I needed for my Snyder Cut lineup. Boy, I was wrong.

The whole sculpt is phenomenal! I can't believe the amount of detailing on him from head to toe.

The first difference I noticed was he feels more solid and sturdier than the rest. This is due to there a no rubber layer outside of the skeletal, like the other.

The head sculpt is as Ray Fisher as it can gets, hence getting the masked version to me, would be a waste. The red paint at the middle of his chest supposed to emulate the lights inside his chest. Could've been executed better.

Articulation wise, he's better than average McFarlane releases, due to the lack of rubber suit hindering his movement. Safe to say for a McFarlane DC figure, this is the max articulation they have, before adding layers of detailing on the outside.

He comes with a blaster that interchange with his lower arm, following the movie. The connection is quite strong so you won't have issue of the lower arm falling off.

Cyborg can fly. Why is the stand not included (the one I use here came with Superman)? I was half expecting Cyborg would at least come with a stand and maybe flying effect parts.

Cyborg is a great figure. Getting Masked or Unmasked version is a matter of preference, but as a whole, I highly recommend it