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Saturday, 19 June 2021

HasLab Crowdfunding War For Cybertron Unicron - Pictorial Review

Lo and Behold, the figure that was dubbed Divorce Class Unicron (jokes aside, I still don't understand the concept of asking permission to buy what you want)

Unicron was first revealed in July 2019 as the second Crowdfunding project by HasLab, after Star War's Jabba's Sail Barge and was released in Malaysia on February 2021, the longest PO for Hasbro release (and most expensive official mainline Transformers).

Alt Mode

Comes in a brown box while the figure itself encapsulated by styrofoam. First complaint. Being that this is a collector's item, Hasbro should've included another carton box outside instead of just using the box with the artwork cause when handling, chances are the box will be damaged

Unicron comes with the figure itself and his wing accessories, display stand, extra face plate (damage version), small stand, and few others

Right out of box, he's in planet mode and no matter how many pictures you've seen, in hand, he really is huge. Despite the planet's surfaces are made out of interconnected panels, the tab are secure that disconnecting them is not quite easy (in a good way). The protruding pillars on the sides are made out rubber but hard enough they don't bend easily. The stand itself is solid and able to withstand the weight even during transforming 

Do note that the instructions to attached the stand to the planet mode is at the last page.

Transformation wise, is quite easy, but it's important to note the configuration inside for reverse transformation as the illustration is not that clear

There are 4 main panel groups, upper and lower sides, also upper and lower on the middle portion. The folding is the same to the other side and generally just collapsing one on top of the other. The tabs and panels connector are solid and able to withstand the transformation so far. While the panel groups feel flimsy at first, once the transformation is complete, the panels are secure. It's important also to ease the transformation, use the stand

There were complaints of the released version comes with some different color scheme, namely the blue maw instead of the yellow shown during promo. 

As for me, I couldn't care less.

The robot head can be kept in inside in alt mode, as opposed to being detached for planet mode

Robot Mode 

In robot mode, Unicron can stand on his own and can do quite decent amount of poses, as much as you can expect from a titan size figure. If I have to rank, his stability and poseability is in the middle between Metroplex/Fort Max and Scorponok.

The sculpt is gorgeous, especially on his body. Finishing is clean without any smudges.

The thing about him is that just how massive he is. And no, pictures doesn't do justice to his presence.

Gimmick is quite minimal, just the moving planet mouth and also the opening jaw, aside from the mini dio using the miniature figures.

As it was shown during the reveal, he comes with a lot of planet's kibbles and constantly being compared to Studio Cell version. No doubt, as far as kibble goes, Studio Cell wins.

Decent articulation despite the size

One thing about Unicron for market outside of US and Canada, we were not charged even 1 cent, until he was released. So we generally have a year and a half to start saving money, and that made Unicron a successful release here.

The figure itself is far from perfect but the overall design is durable and stable. I haven't heard any case of breakage, from my customer or the public.

Given that it's a one-time release, I told myself that it's better for me to just buy him first as I could've easily sell him off, if and when I'm no longer interested.

I was lucky that I did. Upon release, he was immediately sold out locally, and people already selling him double the retail price.

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