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Friday, 25 June 2021

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut Batman (Masked Version) - Pictorial Review

Continuing on, next is Snyder Cut Batman Masked version. As of now, other available versions are Unmasked and Chase Platinum (goggles on forehead. Yeah, I know). As far as Batman goes, it's a simple choice.

The suits are based on the final battle version, a nice mix of black and gray.

I think they managed to capture JL Batman aesthetic perfectly, especially his bulkiness.

The cape is made out of soft rubber, just like the ones used by most ML figures. But unlike ML, the cape's surfaced is detailed, not just smooth surfaced.

The heads sculpt does resembles Affleck, possibly cause it's simpler due to half-covered face, as opposed to Momoa's full face.

The sculpting and detailing of the suit is almost perfectly done. The logo on the chest, the abs and all the other detailing are not just painted but rather molded.

Articulation wise, the bulkiness does hinder his hip movement a little bit but that's about it. Generally his articulations are the same as other McFarlane releases. 

Accessories wise, he came with the black display base and a batarang. Yes, ONE Batarang. Considering this is based on the final fight, a gun would be nice.

I'm brooding...

Overall aesthetic is definitely on the mark, personally even more so than Mattel version. Although the lack of accessories does limit how can you pose the figure. Well, just minor nitpicking. 

But I still can't get behind McFarlane releasing the head variants as different releases.

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