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Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Class Scorponok - Pictorial Review

 I didn't start collecting Kingdom Beast Wars when they were first released but my wife decided that some of them are nicely made and wanted them.

So, all or nothing

Alt Mode

The resemblance to the character model is uncanny. BW Scorponok is a character that didn't received love from Hasbro in previous Generations and Masterpiece lines so it's great to finally have an update of him.

The different tones of purple used blend in nicely with highlights of the red at the tip of its stinger and legs. Quality wise, everything pegs in securely however, the scorpion legs are loose a their ball joints which is actually a bummer, given how strong and tight Blackarachnia spider legs.

On the issue of hollow parts on the tails, half of it just Hasbro being Hasbro while the other half is due to the transformation where one on the robot legs peg into the tail

Predacons, Terrorize!!

Robot Mode

To sum up, he is short and bulky. Although technically he's just a bit shorter than Blackarachnia, the square chest and abs makes him unnecessarily bulky. The transformation is quite easy but the way one of the legs fold in the tail is a nice touch.

The joints are good overall. However the scorpion legs just sit against his back without any pegs which is a lazy way of doing them. 

For accessories, he comes with a twin-missiles and his drone, Cyberbee. Both can be stored inside the claw, using standard 5mm port

Standard 5mm port

Overall he's a decent figure and a welcomed addition to the lineup. But just like he was in the cartoon, he feels like a side character. Basically, if he's there, he's there. 

Being an obscure character, sometimes just being produced is good enough, despite how it turns out. Which shouldn't be the way to design a character

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