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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

MFT MS25 FlyWheel (Not-Tracks) - Pictorial Review

MFT is a new line that I collect, after my hiatus in 2015. At first they focused on making KO of Iron Factory releases, among others, then releases their own mold under Mechanic Studios (MS).

The reason for collecting them was the G1 accuracy for most of the releases and it's space-saving, not to mention pairing them with Hasbro's Titan looks better

Alt Mode

Right of the bat, he's a bit of a disappointment. 

Ok continue. It may just be a coincidence but he took the same number as Takara MP25. He comes with a non-transforming Blaster, alien head, detachable over-the-head rockets and thruster. 

Despite being small, I had hope that there's no part-forming involved especially for the over-the-head rockets. The thruster is attach to the back of the car in flight mode

The alt mode looks really good and very G1 accurate. Overall clean finishing and nicely done deco on the hood.

The alt mode holds together nicely, without any loose parts. The rims are a bit dull though.

The flight mode isn't perfect though, preferred the overall looks on MP25 more. 

The thruster is attached on the back in flight mode and it looks great. It's a pity that it's part-forming though.

Robot Mode

Transformation wise, it's clean, better than their version of Sideswipe/G2 Sideswipe/Red Alert. Part-forming aside, the bot mode is clean with no kibble or visible hollowness.

Overall articulation is good, having all standard articulation with the addition of double jointed elbows. However, it seems to suffer from the same issue as most MFT MS releases. Loose hip ball joints.

Size wise, he's a bit taller than MFT/IronTrans carbots, but no enough to make him seems out of place. 

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