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Monday, 21 June 2021

McFarlane DC Multiverse The Batman Who Laughs (w Sky Tyrant Wings) - Pictorial Review

Last year during the start of the pandemic, I was bored and ventured out of the normal Transformers lineup (and some Diaclone) into other things that was part of my childhood. So February last year, I started my first action figure collection with Marvel Legends, focusing on the characters from the X-Men Animated Series.

I completed almost 90% of the lineup in 3 months and so that's that. Then, McFarlane's take on DC Dark Knights really caught my intention. 

After much contemplation (knowing that I won't stop at just one), I started with Batman Who Laugh w/ Sky Tyrant Wing.

My first impression of him was "Wow!"

Given that mostly I handled Marvel Legends and Black Series figures at that time, this figure feels different in hand. 

The overall sculpt and detailing is phenomenal. There's somewhat similarities with Neca releases but he comes with better articulations and joint quality.

He comes with a mix of normal plastic and rubber parts (for the jacket, among others). Joint wise, the most notable differences compared to ML and BS is the ratcheting joints (like revoltech). However, it's a pity that he (and all from the line) doesn't come with thigh swivel, which really affect his ability to pose.

The jacket is done quite well in terms of the thickness of the rubber and doesn't hinder his articulations. This is different compared with the ones used by Black Series.

Didn't realized until much later that he doesn't have the wings in the comic, just on the cover.

Looking at him, I couldn't complain

After starting the McFarlane line, my interest in Black Series and Marvel Legends declined rapidly (just going through the motion of completing what I already have in mind) due to the fact that

    Marvel Legends    : Playing safe with their releases, using same base molds with only different                                             heads and decos
    Black Series          : Only collecting Sith & Jedi. Even among small number of releases, the overall                                     quality differ figure to figure

However, it does bother me that McFarlane doesn't even include alternate head (and on other releases, alternate hands). Maybe it's to ensure the price point won't go beyond Hasbro's 6" lines?

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