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Saturday, 19 June 2021

MFT MF-49B Audio Wizard (Not-Twincast) - Pictorial Review

The inevitable repaint of MFT MF49 Emitter/Blaster, KO OS of Magic Square Blaster

Alt Mode

The alt mode is solid although the handle is quite easy to unpegged. The cassette can be stored inside the tape deck but need a bit of effort to take out. Overall the finishing is nicely done without any smudges etc.

The boombox mode is considerably bigger than Hot Soldier Soundblaster. However, they won't look out of place being displayed together.

Robot Mode

Transformation is quite straightforward and the bot mode is clean and considerably accurate to G1 Twincast. Kudos to Magic Square.

MFT could've not followed Magic Square exactly and give a different cassettes instead of a repaint. However, it's expected since he was released under MF line (usually straight KO OS).

Articulations is above average with ball jointed head (can tilt up due to transformation) and shoulders, double-jointed elbows, waist and wrist swivels, single-jointed knees and ankle rockers.

He's slightly taller in alt mode compared to HS Soundblaster (which I think is obsolete in terms of design but understandable considering the year he was released)

Yes, we need a new Soundwave/Soundblaster for MFT line

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