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Saturday, 26 June 2021

McFarlane WW84 Wonder Woman - Pictorial Review

Coming back to McFarlane. I bought her for my wife before Synder Cut wave was revealed. She kept her MISB and when the news of Snyder Cut wave came out without a new Wonder Woman, I had to trade the new Blue/Red Snyder Cut Superman for her.

WW84 Wonder Woman is a solid figure with nicely done, bright-colored armor. But it does make me wonder, are the colors as such following the bright theme of WW84 movie, as opposed to Justice League Snyder Cut theme? If a Snyder Cut version of Wonder Woman being released, will she be spotting a darker armor instead?

I'm not sure if it's because she was released way earlier or what, the joints on her arms are too visible compared to other version of Wonder Woman. Or maybe it's because her arms have less accessories making the joints more obvious.

The head sculpt nicely done and does resemble Gal Gadot, for most angles. Also there were complaints that her upper legs are toneless (saw people calling them banana legs) but I think it's due to them being a bit longer that they should.

She comes with with 2 sets of Lasso Of Truth, one folded and can be hang on her right side. Yes I know she's not Justice League version but would've been nice if she comes with her shield and sword.

Overall she has good articulations. The fact that her armor is minimal and she doesn't wear a cape maybe be helping that.

Wonder Woman without fists to do her iconic pose...what were they thinking...

The figure is stable and you can achieve a lot of good poses with her.

The other Lasso of Truth is really useful for a lot of poses. Although, it's hard to straighten it once there's a bend. I think putting it under hot water may fix the issue.

The figure is a decent stand-in for Justice League lineup. I don't think a rerelease of her will have much changes other than the armor's finishing and the weapon. But we just have to wait and see. But for now, she's good enough

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