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Saturday, 26 June 2021

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut Superman (Black Suit)- Pictorial Review

Now for the last members of Snyder Cut Justice League, Superman Black Suit Version. I opted for this version cause this is how he appeared in the movie (and my wife already asked for the Blue/Red version. Can't stand to have duplicates of the figures)

I really like the figure. First the obvious issue, the head sculpt. From what I can see, the head is molded based on Henry Cavill but lacking the needed details to make it more realistic. Hence why you can see the wonder customizer can do by repainting it

The texture on the suit is really well made and detailed. The sculpting of the body really capture Superman's aesthetic.

Luckily, he comes with a stand at least, considering again, he lacks other accessories. The cape uses the same material as the ones on Batman.

Articulation wise, the range is decent but lacking abit on the forward movement of the legs.

Usually the problem with the lack of details on the face is it's hard for it to look good in poses, other than standing still. 

With what he comes with, it seems flying is the default pose McFarlane expected collectors to display this figure 

Shining laser eyes would really work for this

One thing about Superman figure is that you don't really pose him in fighting stances (as in Martial Art fighting stances) since he's straight forward brute force and power. So when the figure lacks accessories showing his superpower, it's quite limited how he can be posed. Well, at least for me.

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