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Thursday, 24 June 2021

McFarlane Justice League Snyder Cut Aquaman - Pictorial Review

McFarlane is another slippery slope for me. Started with Dark Knights as I love the design and their twisted backstories. Then I decided to have the counterpart for each of them, you know, balance, as all things should be.

Impulsively expended the line with Death Metal but with the small lineup (so far), it should be okay.

It all changed when the fire nation attacked.. I mean when Snyder Cut version of the movie was released with awesome design of Darkseid and Steppenwolf. With McFarlane later revealed their full lineup of JL Snyder Cut (technically no Wonder Woman under that release, just WW84), decided to collect all.

I'll start with The Aquaman, played  by Jason Momoa. The most that people complained based on the promo pics is his head sculpt. 

While his head sculpt does resembles Momoa, the painting doesn't help giving the figure his likeness. I think this is a common issue for action figures based on live action movies, of this category (as opposed to SHF, Revoltech, HT) but Hasbro solved it for their Black Series line using some sort of printing method.

Also, few more detailing on the hair would improve the figure significantly.

The body is a different story. The detailing are well executed and the finishing is realistic. Overall the figure comprises of solid plastics and rubbery parts.

The use of rubbery plastic does pose a problem as they can easily bend, at the earliest, in packaging.

The trident is made out of rubber (or rubbery-plastic) and due to length, the end part will curve during poses due to the weight.

Aside from the trident, he comes with the standard character card and the round base, together with...well, nothing. I can't stress this enough, McFarlane need to include at least another extra set of hands and alternate head.

The articulation is as what you can expect from McFarlane releases in general. However the wrists and ankles movement require some maneuvering of wrist and shin guards. Some limitation to the head movement due to the long hair, common issue for long-haired figure

There are no stability issue in general but with ratcheting joints on the ankles, sometimes it's hard to find the sweet spot during posing

The reason I started the reviews with Aquaman first is I had the lowest expectations for him. And I think he isn't half bad. The head sculpt could've been better but other than that, the details are well done.

We're off to a good start