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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

MFT MS27 Poison (Not-Octane) - Pictorial Review

One of the recently released, the 2nd Decepticon Triple Changers tackled by MFT, Poison (Not-Octane), and the one I had been waiting anxiously since his reveal.

Alt Mode (Tanker)

The tanker mode is nicely executed but size wise, on the small side compared to other MFT releases. However it's understandable considering the targeted bot size, a standard Decepticon Alt/Bot mode scale issue.

The cab is attached to the tanker hence no rotation exist. All the sides are properly covered, even the back. While the plane's wing is visible, it's still quite subtle for a figure of this size.

Comparison With MFT MS-20 Iron Sky

Alt Mode (Plane)

The plane is my least favorite mode of the 3. While the execution is commendable, the end result can be considered average at best.

The mode is quite flat on the top side and while the front side resembles a plane, the back does reveal the tanker mode parts. However, compared to Titan Return Octane, he has far less kibbles.

Comparison with MFT MS20 Iron Sky

Robot Mode

The best of 3 modes. Personally, I'm quite impressed by the simplicity yet practical engineering of this mold. The robot mode is clean without any kibbles hanging on the back.

The overall paintjob and finishing is clean. He comes with an extra screaming head (not in picture)

He has good range of articulation, one you usually get from Official deluxe and above classes. And just as mentioned in MFT MS Flywheel review, the hip ball joints are quite loose, but fixable.

The only gripe that I have is the fact that he's shorter than MFT Astrotrain and Jinbao Megatron. Considering they are by the same company, he should've been the same size as Astrotrain.

Now...waiting for MFT MS-28 Thunderbolt (Not-Blitzwing)

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