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Monday, 16 August 2021

McFarlane The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Ciri - Pictorial Review

The 3rd figure of my Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt lineup, Ciri. I'll be honest I don't play the game but I like the design of Geralt and Eredin before. Let's see how Ciri turns out

I must say, I'm impressed. Ciri comes with her sword (and sheath), a base (as other McFarlane releases) and a sword slashing effect, which is something that should've been included with Geralt and Eredin before.

The detailing is nicely done and (from my non-game-player eyes) quite accurate. Her shirt is made out of rubber with and there's actually details underneath, on her body (visible bra and bra strap. I have to look, for review purpose)

The sheath, just like Geralt's, is pegged onto her back. Due to the surface of her back, it tends to pop-off on mine.

Articulation wise, she has quite a wide range of motion, without shoulder plates and the like hindering her movement. I don't even see the need to upgrade her neck joint as I did with Eredin and Geralt.

However, her forward movement of the legs is a limited, and there's not [small] swivel at the hip joints.

While she can hold her sword with both hands, the size of her hand's grip does bother me. It is tad too big and the sword would easily fall off, even more so if you add the slashing effect.

Stability wise is as much as you could expect with McFarlane figure but as far as boot-wearing figure goes, she's better than most ML figures.

Still, getting her to stand sometimes need some work. And I don't prefer using the base, at all. For me, for an action figure, it should at least be able to do the bare minimum, standing up with falling.

The slashing effect is nicely done and almost perfectly executed. There's no issue attaching it to her sword (unlike JLSC Flash's running effects) but due to the added weight, paired with her hands barely gripping the hilt, the sword will fall off.

No base, just a lot of patience

I can't find the definitive height for these 2 but most of the images I saw, Ciri is supposed to be a bit shorter than Geralt.

I don't see myself buying the new Geralt so this version is suffice.

Again, while not a player of the game (most I knew about Witcher is from reading Wiki and the Netflix Series), these 2 figures are nicely done with superb detailing. While there are shortcomings, with the price point and the quality of the figures, you get your money's worth.

Now, let see the Netflix version next.

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