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Saturday, 31 July 2021

Transformers Studio Series SS86 Voyager Wreck-Gar - Pictorial Review

 As far as mainline goes, I personally think SS86 is the most interesting line compared to the others. While it is disappointing that they share the same line as movie Studio Series (smaller number of releases compare to they having their own specific waves), the waits are always worth it.

Coming up next, Voyager Wreck-gar

Alt Mode

Glorious, just like how I remembered him. This is the 3rd release of Wreck Gar since G1, after TFA and Generation.

While Generation Wreck-gar also transformed into a bike, the updated alt mode doesn't really do it for me. SS86 Wreck-gar captures the aesthetic of the alt mode in G1 almost perfectly. The finishing is clean and the deco is nicely done. 

The alt mode is solid without any loose parts. The handle doesn't connect direct to the front wheel and due to the design, the front wheel can't be turn to the sides. There are flippable 2 kickstands so that he won't fall over. His axe does look out of place being attached to back like that (I like how Generation version stores the axe)

Size wise he can be ridden by Deluxe/Voyager figure (and also 6"/7" action figures)

However don't compare his size in alt mode with others. But it's the correct size as in the 86 movie, the Junkions ride each other (and not by human, like, say, TF Prime Arcee)

Robot Mode

I'm gonna say it again. Glorious. As far as looks go, his accuracy is no less than KFC Wreck-gar, an MP level figure. Kudos.

Transformation wise is simple, you don't need to use the manual the get it right. The head sculpt is great and very accurate.

The back is clean and quite accurate to the movie. The axe can be attached to the back using the peg hole that you can see.

The 2 wheels can be attached at 4 places (2 at the knees, 2 at the elbows) near the base of the spikes. And to my surprise, the spikes are not rubbery plastic, something that Hasbro don't usually do. 

Underneath the forearms there are visible hollow parts for the fists in alt mode.

Articulation wise, he is superb. On top of the wide range of motion of all the standard joints, he also comes with an ab crunch giving extra range. However by using friction joint, there's possibility that it can be loose (due to QC issue or wear and tear in the future).

The hips are on ratchet joints which is good but the gap between gears is a bit large.

"I can do this all day"

The Movie 86 Autobot team is looking good. As far as new characters (debut in movie 86) go, I think we're done

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