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Friday, 6 August 2021

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Playset - Pictorial Review

It's almost time for a new Ghostbusters movie, Afterlife which looks promising. As far as I know, GH Ecto-1 Playset is the third Ecto-1 released for Afterlife so far, the first is the Plasma Series Ecto-1 and 2nd is the Reissue of TF X Ghostbusters Ectotron.

There are 8 new Fright Features figures released for this Playset, 4 of the original Ghostbusters and 4 kids from Afterlife

If it wasn't clear enough, the box already shown a kid playing it so don't expect a collector version of Ecto-1 (and it's called Playset)

These 2 are part of the Fright Features figures, intended for the Playser

The figure comes with a ghost with (somewhat working) button on the back to reveal the scary ghost parts.

Back to Ecto-1. Out of package, it comes pre-assembled with stickers unapplied. For those who worry about putting it back in the box, you can easily disassemble it for storage purpose.

Fully assembled and stickers applied. Material wise, it reminded me of the big fire truck from a Playdoh set that I bought for my son

There quite a number of stickers involved include the white parts on the tyres. The blue hose is made out of rubber while the other parts are normal plastics.

Side View

Once all done, the detailing is not bad to be honest.

Back View

On the side, the green stickers bring out the details more. 

My concern though, will the stickers survive long? I haven't been applying stickers for Hasbro products since forever, the last maybe Metrople. And I hated the quality of those stickers. Hopefully the new ones are better

On the right side of the car, the front and passenger door can be open but sadly, not on the other side.

The passenger side is the main gimmick, if I'm not mistake, referencing the movie. The door can be open all the way with a seat attached to it, facing forward.

Other that the driver's seat, there are not other detailing at the seating area.

Another gimmick is the roll-out ghost trap on-wheel. 

While the promo uses on of the kid figure, you can use the original Ghostbusters for the gimmick.

Yeap. With the door closed, the seat will be facing backward.

The size is roughly the same as Reissue Ecto-1. While the plastics and build of the Reissue is definitely better, there are some detailing that I prefer on the playset

To enjoy this, you have to be in the right mindset and expectations. The playset is not the same level as the general Plasma Series releases. However the gimmick gives a nice vibe and throwback to the wackiness of 80s and 90s toys

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