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Sunday, 22 August 2021

McFarlane MK11 Spawn (Sword Version) - Pictorial Review

Up next, another McFarlane review. Yes, I've been reviewing less Transformers due to the fact that I don't really buy the whole line anymore for Generations but rather getting just those that fits my intended displays (Headmasters-Masterforce-Victory). However I'm still collecting the Legend+ scale and Studio Series releases.

McFarlane Mortal Kombat 11 Spawn sword version was the first variant released before the mace and axe version. I've been on the fence ever since the release due to not being a hardcore fan of Spawn, just generally love the aesthetic.

However got a chance to grab him at lower than current market price so, why not?

He's as I imagined he would be, in a good way. The overall feeling of handling him is satisfying.

The general build is solid without any loose parts, at all. The sculpt and detailing are phenomenal. Unlike what I experienced with Witcher 3 releases, he can hold his sword firmly.

While it's based on his MK11 appearance, the deco and realistic finishing gives me the vibe of a live action version of Spawn.

McFarlane spare no effort with the figure sculpt and go extra miles in doing all the spikes and chains. The surface of the body is not smooth but with detailed textures and the green eyes are beautifully done.

Articulation wise, he's generally the same as other McFarlane releases (specifically no thigh cut). 

On mine, the joints are all tight despite being a used item. The shin guard on his right leg limits the range of his feet, a bit more than his left leg.

The cape is made out of rubber and strong enough to help support him when doing poses. However, I saw most people complain about the size since as we all know, Spawn's cape supposed to be big and bad**s.

Accessories wise, he only comes with a base and a sword, not surprising for a McFarlane release. Still, few freebies would've been nice, like extra hands.

Articulation wise, I would consider it is suffice, able to do quite a lot of poses.

Despite the size of the cape, it's not all bad. But I hardly see people post pictures of him leveraging on his cape 

Like the cape, the shin guard does help with his stability

All in all, I'm very satisfied with him. The aesthetic is nicely done in capturing Spawn's essence. There are minor nitpicks which I don't think needed to be mentioned here (not covering, just very minor nitpicks)

He's worth the price (well, not at current market price)

Now, waiting for Violator to pair with him

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