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Thursday, 12 August 2021

Real Ghostbusters Kenner Classic Ecto-1 Reissue - Pictorial Review

Next, is the reissue of Kenner's Ecto-1, for the 80s nostalgia of the middle-aged collectors.

I don't have the vintage version to compare so I'll try my best to review this, with some input from other collectors

The boxart is generally the same aside for the additional Hasbro logo (and some other wordings)

The box itself is sturdy and the colors of the boxart are vibrant.

Back View

Right out of the box, I like the weight of the car, having just handled the Ecto-1 Playset 

There are some stickers that needed to be applied like the logo and the license plates.

I never owned one back then but saw it at one of my friend's. Brings back memory.

My personal experience with Hasbro stickers during Transformers Prime Wars era was quite bad. Hopefully it won't be the case for recent releases.

The Reissue is slightly wider and flat compared to the recent Playset and a bit more plain considering the Playset comes with few stickers for additional detailing on top of the car. (not a complain, just stating)

The ghost that comes with the set is generally the same but the vintage version, the underside of the ghost is flat.

The removable chair plugs in using mushroom peg. It can be slide forward/backward. The material is quite solid, despite looking thin, including the belt.

Like the vintage, the chair can be attached on top of the roof.

Sorry I don't have the Reissue Ghostbusters, here's Ecto-1 with the recently released Fright Features figures

Due to the size, the new figures are also compatible with the Ecto-1, a good alternative for those who preferred this figure instead of the vintage version.

Not to forget the old retractable claw gimmick. The pulley mechanism can be locked by toggling the exhaust. By moving the car forward, the claw will retract into the car.

I'm not much of a "vintage" kind of guy. During my childhood, I never had the chance to own the toys I like. However, I do have attachment to the cartoons. This vintage Ecto-1, although meant for those who might own it back then, the overall design, to me, still works and you can enjoy it with recent releases

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