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Friday, 23 July 2021

Transformers Battle Across Time BW Grimlock - Pictorial Review

I've had taken his pictures for quite some time but never got around to do the write-up.

So far the plan is as an extension to having all the BW cast in Kingdom, I'll try to get all the repaints that uses a Kingdom mold.

This repaint follows the original Dinobot mold was repainted into Grimlock in Beast Wars toyline.

Alt Mode

Grimlock comes in white base with grey on the legs, hands and on the top of his body while some black colour on the dino head. The eyes are painted green, highlighting them with such bright color.

In dino mode, there's no difference from Kingdom Dinobot, just a straight repaint.

The joints are tight in dino mode so he can stand with no problem. But he does lack neck articulation which I think is important for this mode

While Dinobot has the deco that we're familiar with, Grimlock himself isn't half bad

Robot Mode

While he's technically a repaint, Grimlock comes with a new head sculpt, following the design in the comic. And it looks great!

Transformation wise, he's the same as Dinobot which I enjoyed. The bronze/dark brown deco isn't visible in dino mode which gives distinction between his modes 

The mold itself comes with impressive articulation and the joints are all good. Although I would prefer extra joints on the claws so that he can grip the weapon

They give different feel despite sharing the same mold, I'm guessing due the contrast of the deco. To improve, maybe a new, normal robot hands is better for Grimlock instead of the claws, it'll be more in tune with the head 

Usually collecting variants is not something you'll always enjoy but at least Grimlock is a good variant

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