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Sunday, 4 July 2021

Transformers Studio Series 86 Dinobot Slug & Daniel Witwicky

Now for the 2nd Dinobot after Grimlock. Fans have been waiting for proper, official Dinobots for ages, and was given false promise back in POTP. 

But after the promising release of Grimlock in SS86 line, we can now see how it'll be next

Behold, SS86 Slug (yes, not Slag apparently) and Daniel Witwicky

Alt Mode

I'll be frank. Daniel is a lump of useless plastic, just like Wheelie. So not gonna focus on him, almost at all.

Technically he came in robot mode but my first impression of him (after transforming) is that he's quite stumpy, even more than I remembered him to be. Should've called him Spud instead of Slug

I wasn't gonna rewatch all the G1 series to confirm this but I'm guessing he was, on and off, portrayed as such.

Overall he comes with grey plastic that made the gold parts pop. The alt mode is solid but on mine, the chest panel unpegged quite easily

The back of the dino is also clean. His blaster can be attached on the underside of his tail. They eyesore of this mode is the hollow legs, that's due to the way the hind legs folded inside in robot mode.

The frills at both side of the dino head is quite hard to attach to the main frill, and when they do, it's not the strongest connection.

His articulation in dino mode is very basic. The front legs can rotate forward/backward and move outward, ratchet joins on the knees. The hind legs only come with forward/backward rotation and hinge joints on the lower parts (for transformation). The head itself can't be move, only the jaw

Looks good next to Grimlock. One of the reasons I decided against Grimlock clear neck upgrade kit is that the neck should match Slug's head color. In this case, gold (clear neck for Grimlock would mean clear head for Slug, to me)

Really like the size of the dinos together with the the rest.

Owh and that's Daniel riding on Slug. He can be attached using 2 pegs at the sides behind Slug's frill.

Robot Mode

The robot mode is looks good but the chest quite wide, adding to his impression of being bulky. The transformation went out of the ordinary with the side of the chest collapsed to the middle in dino mode and expend in robot mode.

They took a different route in terms of the tail transformation. For most iterations of Slag, the tail is folded into inside of the legs leaving only the wings on the back of the robot mode. But for this, the tail hangs on his back, just like his G1 toy version.

The headsculpt is nicely done in red, following the animation instead of the normal release G1 toy.

Aside from Daniel, he only comes with a white blaster.

Slug has quite an impressive range of articulation and almost no looseness issues. This make him a really fun figure to mess around with.

Slug overall finishing is clean without any paint issue. The deco follow the cartoon version 

However I can easily see him being released as G1 toy version since the dino hind legs can be left unfolded inside the robot mode (but will leave the lower legs somewhat hollow)

Should you have any issue with his legs, try adjusting the knee part (in red) to one notch forward or backward, depending on the pose.

Loving the scale of the Dinobots next to SS86 Kup!

So far it seems getting properly scaled, G1 accurate and good design Dinobots out of this line is inevitable

3 more to go!


  1. You have the horns pointing in the wrong direction.

    1. And you're the first to notice that haha

  2. bunny ears as horns