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Friday, 12 November 2021

McFarlane Malefik Spawn - Pictorial Review

 Another Spawn. Yeah you heard me

It seems that I'm in quite deep as far as these new Spawn releases are concerned. 

This time, is Malefik Spawn, designed as skin for Mortal Kombat 11 game.

I'm not sure about you guys but the most glaring difference I see in this release is the silver deco on his face, which seems...odd. Somehow it reminded me of the mask of a killer in 90s slasher movie (not saying it's good or bad though).

The design of the armour generally fits well in the MK11 universe, with mixture of silver, grey and red. 

The colors, especially the red, appear brighter if you compared to normal MK11 Spawn

Th green eyes looks great! The iconic Spawn chest symbol made smaller looks abit weird to me (as someone who's not a hardcore Spawn fan)

Articulation wise he's decent, suffice to get him into great poses. He has just a bit of stability issue due to the weight of the cape 

He comes with a base and 2 ectoplasm fires (as described in McFarlane website) which I think more suited to be some sort of ectoplasm fire blades.

The ectoplasm fires are made out of rubber but not too soft.

I really need a bigger Violator...

When I say his deco fitted MK11 universe, it's because unlike normal Spawn, his armour does give him some sort of a warrior vibe.

Size wise, he's about the same size as MK11 Spawn. As you can see, Malefik deco is the brightest of these 3, which brings me to suspect a slightly darker repaint will be mad (with blood on the armour, of course)

Is he a strong release? I don't think as strong as the other 2 and Raven. But definitely not as weak as the other MK11 Spawn color variants

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