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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The pilot

Been a fan of Transformers (since forever), when I'm still wet behind the ears. Found my passion back around 4-5 years ago, now collecting became a habit to me, a stress-release activity in which I engulf myself at the end of every tiresome day.

As we usually said from where I come from, this was the picture that 'poisoned' and brought me to the collector's world.

Joined few forums then settled with TransMY circa 2008-2009, meet a lot of great people, men and women alike.

1Utama exhibition setup

Eve of 1Utama Transformers Exhibition in conjunction with the 3rd installment of Transformers Live Action, the Dark Of The Moon. And more came after that, in Genting Highland, Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

With some of my collection during MITF 2011

Dark Of The Moon Movie Premier

My fiancee wrote her own blog and told me to do one. Just to note, she's also a collector and as understanding as a woman can get of man's interest. Thanks dear

Aside from the hobby itself, I found extra joy in photography (note, not PROFESSIONAL). While I'm not good at it, it's more than enough for my own viewing.

People once ask me why I became a collector. Because I enjoyed it. A friend once asked me to join him, going overseas for holiday as (his word) it opened up your mind seeing the world, not sticking to this nonsense hobby.

I ask him, after his trip, what is left aside from few crappy photos? Me, I can get my money back if i sell everything, consider this as converting my money into assets. By the way, No, 3 days trip doesn't make you an insightful person, nor 'opened to the world'.


  1. No, 3 days trip doesn't make you an insightful person, nor 'opened to the world'.

    and yeah~ thats my baby!

    1. Haha, thanks baby :) How am I doin so far?

    2. you being you :) write more reviews!!