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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Toyworld TW-H01 Hardbone - Pictorial Review Part 2

Robot Mode

First of all, I'm gonna say it out loud. Hardbone's robot mode gave me a mix feeling. It might just be me, for you all to decide

A great homage, hands down. One thing I learned about any figure, if you can see the homage (character it intended to be) without people telling you, then design is great!

Simple mix of green and grey with a small touch of yellow, Hardbone hit the spot right on. Updating his G1 selves, Hardbone is a fine mix of his G1 selves with re-imagining by Toyworld

I would like to, however, question the reasoning of the usage of yellow clear plastics on Hardbone which to me aren't nesessary especially the flap on the back of his shoulders and his ankles.

Awesome head sculpt, I have to say. This personally won me over, even better than Headrobot's Hothead (normal and alternate universe version)


Aside from the Headmaster, Hardbone have 3 features incorporated in his design

Right Leg
Stored in his right feet compartment is a knife that can be attached to his gun as a bayonet and;

Left Leg

A (what I presumed) stick grenade which can be attached to his gun forming a rifle (or as a silencer)

Lastly, a power-core sort of thing replacing G1's Tech Spec Meter of Headmasters


Hardbones's head is attached on a panel embedded in his body which allows 360o rotation without the ability to look upwards nor downwards which (to me) is understandable

Other than that however, I find that Hardbone has a bit limited articulations compared to standard current Transformers releases. Lower body, Hardbone has a 360o swivel on the waist, forward/backward and side movement on the thighs, swivel above the knees and ankles. But the knees are a bit limited (as shown in the picture above)

Silencer (or rifle, if you will)

On the upper body, things get a bit crowded (especially on his right shoulder due to the shoulder cannon and the shoulders themselves) which limit the articulations on the shoulders. Full swivel above the elbows, 360o wrist swivel but only 45o range on the the elbow itself (to the front).

Nonetheless, with the right way, he looks great!

Added bayonet

Size Comparison

He's considerably a large figure, even when compared to a big (tall) voyager as Springer

Roughly the same but Universe Hardhead still won in terms of bulkiness (IMO)

Warriors of two world

Is it worth it? Well, answer this, will you be satisfied if HasTak release a non-headmaster Headmasters character (like Universe Hardhead). And will it be enough to upgrade the figure with add ons like Hardhead was which to me a lucky deal.

If not, then you have an option being that Fansproject will be releasing their Function X characters while Toyworld just update us with Not-Brainstorm.

If I may, I would like to recommend Toyworld version of Headmaster due to the size and homage. But to each their own

Pic Credit : Web

How will he turn out, I wonder