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Friday, 3 May 2013

Generations Voyager Springer - Pictorial Review [Part 1]

First of all, I want to said, last time Generations halted during the screening of Transformers' Dark of the Moon, around June 2011, having release Junkheap and Sky Shadow. So for me, except from 3rd party releases, it's been constant repaint and repaint and repaint (including the Asia Exclusive figures) so hasn't been that much exciting for me. Even when I started Henkei/United this year, felt bored of the same mold

However, early this year, Toy Fair 2013 revealed what's on the table for the future and I was damn excited. One of the figure would be, Generations Voyager Springer

Pic Credit : web
First made his appearance in the 1986's Transformers The Movie, Springer became one of the new regulars (together with Kup, Arcee, Blur, etc) that took place post-Optimus Prime era. Springer, to me gave the impression of regular jock. Good build, skilled, but never really shines.

Springer was apart of a new group introduced, a triple-changer, along with a few others ie Sandstorm, Broadside and few others.

Pic Credit : Web

He received a fairly decent toy back in the days which to me is good enough if you look some of the other characters released. After Generation 1, a (somewhat) homage of him made an appearance in Transformers Superlink (Energon), named Sprung/Bulkhead. Toy wise, HasTak did make an effort of introducing him post-Unicron Trilogy under the Universe line A COUPLE OF TIME being repaint after repaint (not to mention Botcon release)

One of the many Springer
Pic Credit : Web

And in 2012, he was again released using Transformers Hunt for The Decepticon's Tomahawk mold and as I saw it, people seems happy to use it filling in for Classics Springer slot.

Despite all that, back in 2010, Fansproject kick-start their Warbot series with the release of Defender a coincidentally-homaging-Springer which was met with different reaction. Being the first full fledge figure, poeple still wondering whether the price is right for a small-voyager figure. Nonetheless, fan rejoice, we have our Springer!

I have to admit though, Defender comes with a few flaws, paint chip, loose joint and sometime-weird proportions. In early 2013, during Toyfair 2013, HasTak launch their 'counter attack', answering to fans wants and demands.

Generations (2013) Voyager Springer

And the fan weeps
My first impression when Hasbro first revealed him was 'Damn, this is the best Voyager ever!' Something happened I guess from Dark Of the Moon-Beast Hunters to the new Generations as this design kick a**! Springer does live up to the theme "Thrilling 30", part of the celebrations of 30th anniversary

If you are wondering, this Springer is based on the design of IDW's The Last Stand of The Wreckers

Pic Credit : Web

Box : Back View

Big instruction sheet with great artwork

Alt Mode - Helicopter

If you are expecting a more G1-ish alt mode, you'll be dissapointed. I however personally love the update. Transformation from Robot mode is considered average-difficulty but with excellent results

Side View

One thing that I want to point out is that the paint job on the yellow pads are smudgy especially on the lights.

There are basically little transformation on the legs which kind of dissapointing but it manage to conceal the robot parts nicely. And I might be alone on this but I find it difficult tabbing the middle part to the back of the legs which to me might be an issue of plastic-tolarance (or maybe I did it wrong)

Size comparison

Despite being a voyager, Springer seems to fit nicely and isn't considered too-big IMHO

Compared to Spinger, Defender homaged G1 Springer more with the military helicopter alt mode.

Alt Mode - Armored Car

This really took me by surprised. To be honest, when it was revealed, I prefered more his Helicopter mode rather than his Armored Car mode but I guess I'm wrong. Transformation wise, it's kind of intuitive, with enough time, you'll get the hang of it. Everything fits nicely with no loose part

Not really a fan of the big weapon though

Rear View
The previous released of triple changers by HasTak came with one thing that bothers me (among a few other thing) which was one out of the two alt mode will be poorly design with parts revealing either the robot mode or the other alt mode. It isn't the case for Springer though

Size Comparison

He is slightly bigger than standard deluxe car which to me is fine considering he's and armored car

Compared with Defender, Springer's armored car does feel lack of the 'military' touch to it which is up to you. I however like the 'normal' car more

To be Continued

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