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Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Not-Combiners

It's a cruel time for Transformers collectors, it really is. Generations 3.0 has given us a promising debut with the releases of awesome characters especially Titan Class Metroplex. However, one thing that still lacking, the Combiners, where up until now, there's still no news of HasTak taking the wheel on this and delivering fair combiners to the fans. And so, we turn to 3rd Party companies. After the succesfull release of many ie Fansproject Crossfires, Maketoys Giant, TFC Hercules and Uranos, more combiners are shoved to us ie Maketoys Not-Computron, MMC Feral Rex (Not-Predaking), another from TFC yet to be named and of course, Fansproject Not-Menasor as apart of the Causality line.

Take note that there's 2 scale of combiners, one being the TFC's scale where we have Uranos, Hercules and MMC's Feral Rex. The other one being Fansproject Crossfires (Not-Bruticus and Not-Superion), Maketoys Giant and Not-Computron, etc. I choose the larger ones being that for combiners, I opt to the biggest scale available.

Reference, not accurately scaled
Pic Credit : Web

*Wishing for more combiners in TFC's scale*


  1. Great article, although it looks like MMC's Feral Rex won't be that much bigger than Maketoys Giant (certainly in height) so I think they scale well together. You're missing out on owning the FansProject not-Stunticons!

    1. haha, agreed on the size but that's the biggest available so I'll opt for that. Plus, i need my combiner to be at least hercules size, to be in scale with eg Genesis :p Here's to wishing along the road, other Not-Stunticons to be release, haha. Thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoy what u see :)