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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dreamworks Toy Factory Weapon Upgrading Kit - Pictorial Review

I'm going out of normal for awhile as I do this review, an upgrade kit for Transformers Prime 1st Edition Bulkhead.
(FE Bulkhead and Dreamworks kit courtesy of 2 dear friends)

The kit came in a medium size, sturdy box. If you notice, the finish artwork of the box resembles closely to the picture used in teasers that was release when the kit was announced

First of all, the box is seal with a white stickers which to me kind of spoiling it when the box was opened. Wish they would use normal seal that wouldn't be too obvious.

At every side of the box, brief descriptions of the kit were put to explain the basics of it

The Blasters Configuration

Arm Cannon's How-To

New Rear Bumper

Energon Hammer Configuration

One thing that surprised me was that, aside from the outside surfaces of the box, the insides were filled with more detail descriptions and act as a manual for the kix, by unfolding the box.

The kit came with a biocard of Bulkhead, the hammer with it's hilt and new rear bumper

Alt Mode

First of all, I would like to apologize that the Bulkhead used doesn't come with his wrecking ball which I wasn't aware needed to be used with the add on However, I'll be borrowing Dreamworks Toy Factory's official pictures. My Bad~

Rear view
The purposed of the new bumper is to help the back part of Bulkhead to pegged firmly. The bumper sits tightly and looked seamless. As you can see, the the connector part is use as a base for the wrecking ball which is used to connect the arm cannons forming Bulkhead's boosters (as you can see below, courtesy of Dreamworks Toy Factory)

Pic Credit : Dreamworks Toy Factory

Weapons Mode

Before I begin, the bumper part can be attached to Bulkhead 's back

Energon Hammer Mode

I would like to point out how great the kit turned out to be. The colors fit nicely with Bulkhead and the finishing is top-notch

Material wise, the kit is solid and on-par with Bulkhead itself.

If there's one thing I could wish for would be the hammer to be longer as Bulkhead's arms has limited articulation range especially to the front (not to mention no wrist joint)

Shoulder Cannon Mode

This mode might not be the best of all three but it's good enough with the right look and feel

The cannons peg firmly on Bulkhead's shoulder bridge.The way they are, the angle of the cannons are static

Dual Arm Cannon Mode

This is the best mode of the kit for me, personally. The arm cannons fit in perfectly without it being too tight nor too loose.

The paint job matched Bulkhead's perfectly and the black part looks like original parts of Bulkhead which made the add on fits better

Personally, the kit give a great upgrade to Bulkhead's appearance and personality with the Arm Cannon Mode goes straight to the animation. I've seen and bought a few upgrading kits in my years of collecting ranging from the expensive ones to some cheap ones. And I must say, if you're not against paying for weapon upgrade kit, this will be a great addition to your collection


  1. I wish they stuck with the original design they gave out a year ago

    it was way more show accurate. theres no need for this hammer gimmick. I just bought this set and as blasters its nice but teh original design was perfect for show accuracy. now its just a nice upgrade instead of a correct upgrade

    1. I do agree with on that. Nonetheless, the set is a great upgrade kit for bulkhead. if this serve as a testament of what Dreamwork Toy Factory can produce in the future, color me intrigued