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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Toyworld TW-H01 Hardbone - Pictorial Review Part 1

During Rebirth Part 1 - Part 3, the last 3 episodes of Transformers Generation 1 (Season 4, US version) in 1987, Brainstorm proposed the idea of experimenting the pairing of a Transformers with a human partner to enhance the capability of combat which was scrapped with sole purpose of not involving the human directly in the war (REALLY?!!)

However, the assault to the Autobots and the lost of The Key To Plasma Energy Chamber changed it all. Fighting for their life, Hardhead and some of his Autobots comrades crashed landed on Nebulos and taken captive by the resistance, soon joining them in the fight against their oppressor, the Hive. And the Headmaster project began.

They see me smilin, they hatin~
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Being a soldier to the core, Hardhead was stubborn as a rock, believe in his strength but a great comrade nonetheless. Let see how he was back in the day

As tough as a brick!
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In 2009, Hasbro decided to release a homage to Hardhead showing their recognition to the legendary character. But, the execution was underwhelming, with straight repaint of Universe Onslaught (he received an upgrade kit from Headrobot but we'll get to that after this)

As I always said, good mold but not Hardhead enough
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Fansproject jumped in with their Function X release (started with Not-Chromedome) which to me was very poor in design, small figure with a hefty price tag. Toyworld answered the call, with the release of TW-H01 Hardbone (and later, not-Brainstorm)

In Package

Don't put an 'R' at the end of his name~

I can't help but notice, the layout of the box resembles TFC releases, a lot!

Neatly packaged but be cautious, the Headmasters can easily fall from his compartment which could result in lost of parts (the visor can be detachable so beware)

Like any other Toyworld releases (and other 3rd parties....and HasTak's), Hardbone comes with an instruction sheet and biocard

Alt Mode

What ever you might think, you can't deny that THIS IS HARDHEAD! Fine and clean execution from Toyworld, bringing in great homage of the character. If you wonder about the yellow piece of plastic on his turret, yes, it is detachable (but I will leave it on for this review)

kinda naked, ain't it?

I've owned 2 out of 3 Toyworld releases and I had to say, Hardbone possesses great detailing and better paint job then Not-Megatron and Not-Thottlebots.

Hardbone has a clean transformation, hiding all the robot parts nicely. If you look again, the alt mode resembles his G1-self to the core albeit the flat cockpit

Size Comparison

Use for the comparison, a different version of Hardhead, with the Headrobot's (Alternate Universe) Hothead

Despite being a bit flat, Hardbone is considerably large, roughly the size of Ultra Class Universe Hardhead. Paint wise however, I wish it was more of Universe Hardhead's rather than the neon-green

The Headmaster

Homaging Duros, Hardhead's partner. Designed with (a bit) dissapointing articulations but fine detailing considering the size

Toyworld could have, however, design a flap or any mechanism to hide Hardbone's face. It would be a better touch

Toyworld's Not-Duros is a tad bit taller than Headrobot's Not-Duros with better detailing and design and more importantly, better joints

Go home Duros, you're drunk
Stability Test

Hardbone's alt mode provided a compartment for his Headmaster

The compartment however is a bit small where it's kind of difficult to positioned Not-Duros correcly for the compartment to close

Not-Duros taking the wheel!

Weapon of mass destruction

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