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Friday, 3 May 2013

Generations Voyager Springer - Pictorial Review [Part 2]

Robot Mode

Awesome design! Hasbro manage to take the IDW design and bring it to life. If you notice, the shoulder pads are made out of thin plastics. His rotor blades can be use a sword which is solid and design nicely, much better compared to Defender's

Awesome head-sculpt, right on the dot!

Springer is basically kibble-free, a really slick design. I was worried that being a triple changer, he would have some extra parts hanging around

Back View

I did saw that fans complaint about the small wings on his shoulder but it appears to be just Hasbro decision to try and stay true to the original IDW's design. The wings are not in any way involve in the transformation so the fact that it's a moving parts and retractable shows that it's more on the look and feel of him, in which you can choose yourself

Articulations wise, he's kind of impressive. Top to bottom, he comes with ball jointed neck joint, waist joint. Both shoulder has huge clearance aside from bringing the hand to middle-front of the body. The hands are on swivel joints just below the shoulders, ratchet joints on th elbows and swivel joints on the wrists

The thigh is on swivel joints but on the knees, articulations are limited to around 90o to the back and no ankle tilt which is a bit of a bummer. 

Highly posable with dynamic articulations.
Weapon configuration according to the artwork

Size comparison

He's a lot taller than Defender and (to many) to me, with even better proportions. Fansproject did a great job on Defender, no doubt but compared with Springer, he came out a little bit too 'squarish'

Part of the wreckers


  1. You may have convinced me to finally give in and get this figure. That fourth to last picture is amazing!