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Monday, 6 May 2013

Fansproject [Causality] CA-10 T-Bone - Pictorial Review

Again, thanks to a dear friend who lent me this figure for review. I give you, Fansproject CA-10 T-Bone (Not-Wildrider) review

Pic Credit : Web
 A lot of you out there might see Wildrider in your daily life, office, college, home and most certainly, Facebook. A bot who's an Adrenaline junky but couldn't care less (if he could, he would), raising alarm even to his fellow Decepticons. But a loose cannon he ain't but crazy's his middle name

It's hard to match his personality with his toy

In Package

The second installment of Fansproject's Not-Menasor is CA-10 T-Bone, the Not-Wildrider.

The box followed the color schemed of the figure (as was Car Crash), in Black and Red

Box - Back View

Just like Car Crash, the back of the box potrayed basically both Alt and Robot mode with pictures of few detailing. However, the combine mode wasn't shown either

T-Bone comes with an instruction manual, a biocard and a gun (which is different from Car Crash's)

Alt Mode

Voila~ T-Bone came with  a nice finishing of glossy dark grey with silver racing stripes and red windscreen. It's a bummer however that the windscreen is solid plastic, however from the transformation, I guess it can't be help

I found that it's kind of difficult to reallign the front part of the car after transforming from Robot Mode. However, it might just be me. The car is solid, no loose part

Rear View

The back tires can be seen stretching outwards from the car, kind of a weird selection considering the type of the car. This maybe due to the fact that the tires are divided into 2 pieces, the outside being the real tires and the inside, molded piece

Size Comparison

Alt mode wise, T-Bone is SLIGHTLY bigger than Car Crash but it's more on the design of the car.

Robot Mode

To be frank, Car Crash wasn't really doing it for me but T-Bone, he just felt 'right'! With the right touch of colors, the sculpt, really made T-Bone better than the Car Crash looks (which wasn't even bad to begin with)

Detailing and head sculpt are perfectly done, with fine and clean finishing. And if you see the tires on the shoulders, you'll notice that the 2 pieces of it, molded and real tires

Side View

Articulations wise, T-Bone is basically the same as Car Crash.

Size Comparison

The evil-duo. Seriously, if only they stick to regular deluxe size, I'll be all over them! One thing you should know that Car Crash and T-Bone are basically using the same mold, with different shell. That kind of a turn down for me though but understandable

I like to repeat, I prefer TFC size combiners. BUT, if not because of that, these two will surely be on my shelf. Quality, posebility and design wise, they are perfect albeit a bit lacking in the G1 homage. Can't wait to see the rest of the team

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