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Monday, 20 May 2013

KODX Black Convoy - Pictorial Review

First and foremost, this post merely act as a review and comparison between the original United Black Convoy and the new KODX Black Convoy, not endorsing it

Tracing back, the release of KO Optimus Prime mold started with the low-end quality version of Henkei Prime, Ultra Magnus (Blue Body) and Nemsis Prime (All black, silver thigh), then the KOLD (KO Lucky Draw) version which include KO Crystal Convoy, Gold and Silver Versions, Shattered Glass, Double Shattered Glass, Wonderfest, KO Wonderfest and few more iterations of the mold. Although better the quality is still below average.

The KODXs released end of December, currently consist of 4 version, KO Shattered Glass, KO Crystal Convoy, KO Henkei Convoy and KO Black Convoy

Alt Mode

For this review, original United Black Convoy will be on the left-hand side while the KO are on the right-hand side

There are a few apparent differences between these two and here we can see two, 1) KODX have a solid black front bumper and grill while the original is silver painted on both; 2), the stripe that ran through the front of KODX is more pale than the metallic blue/green on the original.

I wish I could say that KODX has worst finishing but apparently, the original United Black Convoy's finishing aren't that good either

The difference in color of the stripes apply to the wind vane as it is to the truck cab. Also, the tips of the gun (that formed the smokestacks) has dotted black instead of full black like on the originial

The screw used on KODX are standard (silver) screws while the original United Black Convoy's are matted black

Robot Mode

Before I proceed, I would like to mention that KODX's mold is solid! How solid? It's on par if not better than the original. It is basically as heavy as the original and transformed perfectly

A glimpse, both the figures looks almost exactly the same. Unlike the previous version, the molding of the head came out perfectly like the original. The gun however still have a KO-ish feel to it

As you can see, the metallic blue/green paint of KODX is the same throughout the figure, paler than the original

From the back, the solid black grill and front bumper is easily visible

Another giveaway for KODX would be that his insignias are Autobots Shattered Glass version instead of Decepticons insignias

Near KODX Black Convoy's right shoulder, there's a print of "Not For Sale" which wasn't on the original.

Aside from the color, KODX's wind vane does has a problem fitting well together. It does transform into the blaster without any issue though

KODX using 4 normal screws

Another surprised is that on the marking on the right leg is the same as the original, spelt "TAKARA 2006 CHINA"

While on the left leg

KODX Black Convoy

United Black Convoy

The marking of "2006 Hasbro Inc" is basically the same for both but the original does have serial number on it

Double Trouble!

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