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Friday, 19 December 2014

Maketoys MTCM-03 Quantron - Pictorial Review

I think it's about time I finished Maketoys Quantron reviews, after taking quite a long time doing one members at a time.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Computron is the combined form of Autobot's Technobots, created by Grimlock in the G1 episode, Grimlock's New Brain. Recognized as the arch nemesis of Abominus, Computron counter the brute force of the Terrorcons with his lightspeed computational power.

G1 Computron
Pic Credit : TFWiki

Computron has 2 default configurations that are frequently used by the fans. One is following his cartoon/comic edition with Afterburner as the right hand and Strafe as his left while the second configuration is the opposite.

Fun Fact. Since the Decepticons are known as Destrons in the Japanese market with changes such as Combatron and Stuntron, Computron is known as Computicon in keeping with the naming convention used there.
Maketoys Not-Technobots (Recap)

Combiner Mode

Sonic Drill transform into Quantron's left leg, based on the orignal configuration of G1 Computron (also compatible as right leg).

Side View
The leg mode is basically the same as the alt mode aside from the drill part while the attachment on top of Sonic Drill's shoulders are used as connector to Quantron's foot.

THIS is where the problem lies. The connector doesn't lock securely and will detach easily. It's kind of a big issue as it make it almost impossible to pose with the foot falling off.

*Maketoys acknowledge the issue and will be giving replacement parts to fix it (See here.)

At the bottom of the feet, there are some sort of rubbers placed at the front, back and the sides, adding traction to Quantron.

Another interesting design is the compartment at the front part of the feet, used to store the combiner's hands.

Celeritas in leg mode aren't as straight forward as Sonic Drill and requires some transformation.

Side View
By doing so, Celeritas won't look too thin in leg mode as opposed to using the same configuration as the alt mode.

Maybe it's just me but I've been transforming him for quite a few times but still, the upper part of the combiner mode unlock quite easily.

Unlike G1 Computron (cartoon and toy), Overheat forms Quantron left hand rather than right hand. And due to the way the hands are attached, Overheat and Blindfire can't switch position with each other.

Another fun gimmick is the hydraulic piston on the elbow, adding realism to the combiner mode.

Blindfire combiner mode design aren't as good as Overheat though. The upper legs are clearly visible unlike Overheat and with the hands not hidden, it looks like he's holding some sort of swords in combined mode.

Not only that, Blindfire's head is not properly hidden as well.

Side View

The main body on the other, is cleverly design. The transformation of the front of the body is briliant where the hands are folded to front forming the chest and the torso.

Quantron, to my surprise, uses totally different connectors than Giant. The comparison can be seen below

Comparison Shots

Giant's female hand connector VS Quantron's male hands connector (On main body)

Giant's male legs connector VS Quantron's female legs connector (On main body)

Giant's female connector VS Computron's male connector (On the legs)

Giant's male connector VS Computron's female connector (On the shoulders)

Not only Quantron's limbs not interchangeable, the connectors that are used are totally different from Maketoys' previous combiner, Giant. Unlike Giant that comes with the best locking mechanism for the limbs, Quantron uses a straightforward method. Even worse, the spring-lock mechanism for the shoulders are loose on mine.


Fully combined, Quantron is a really great combiner. However, not trying to nitpick but I'm kind of disappointed that Quantron doesn't feel as solid as Giant was.

Side View
Without attaching the cannon, Quantron is quite fact too thin on the upper body. And the connector for the cannon can be clearly seen potruding at the back.

Aside from the connector, Metalstorm's head can also be seen inside the body.

There, much better. The cannon on Quantron's back is a direct homage to the Computron's toy aside from the size. On G1 Computron, it's also attached to the back but not visible from the front.

It might just be me but the side of the body seems a bit high making Quantron looks like he's hunching quite a bit.

Side View

Since the cannon is attached to the body by a connector on the lower body, a gap can be seen when looking at him from the side. Would've been better if there's a tab above that so that the cannon locks in better and closer to the body.

Back View

Quantron is the same size as Giant which is good (Hate the size different between TFC Hercules and other TFC combiners).

The detailing

The head sculpt is beautiful and nicely done. At first, I thought the head is a bit plain but in hand, you can obviously see how much detail it has.

2-wheels configuration homaging G1 Computron

Briliant transformation. The abs are actually Metalstorm's fist combined.

Unlike most combiner that uses fake crotch plate, Quantron does it differently with 2 plates attached to the side of the legs. By doing so, Quantron is more free to move the legs around as the crotch plate doesn't interfere with his range of movement.

Individually-articulated fingers

Metalstorm's feet are folded downwards, adding mass to the lower legs and also [maybe] homaging G1 Scattershot configuration in combiner mode where the legs are folded to the back.

Metalstorm's 2 guns are combined into one solid gun for Quantron with the addition of the white piece at the front and also a portion from the cannon as the grip section of the big gun.

Quantron is overall a solid combiner and not at all flimsy. He doesn't have any issue standing up especially with the help of the rubbers attached at the bottom of his feet.

Quantron has a decent poseability and is fun to play with, if not because of the leg problems. He comes with a ball-jointed head, double-jointed shoulders and elbows, wrist swivels, individually articulated fingers, waist swivel, ratcheting univeral joints on the hips, ratchet joints on the knees and ball-jointed feet.

The joints are very strong and able to withstand Quantron's weight, even in this position that not many combiners can do.

Since the cannon are attached to lower part of the body below the waist swivel, there will be a huge gap when posing Quantron and also limit the range of the rotation. 

The best weapon gimmick I had ever seen, more epic than MMC Feral Rex's giant sword. The bow is made by extending the cannon on Quantron's back, hence the reason why it can be detached in the first place.

It's not uncommon for a figure to be equipped with cool weapons but not all are designed properly to wield/use them. Even less that can use the weapon in such a majestic way.

I can't say whether Quantron is worth the price or not. But he's surely famous among Maketoys loyalist and those who collect MT/FP scale combiners. However, if you're expecting the same quality that Giant has, you'll be surprised.


  1. Cool review man, thx, french people i'm is happy ;) ,mine is on the way, soon at my home, my next will be the unique toys "ordin" ( abominus ) ,i wait now the possible CW's "devastator" by hasbro , i hope it will be cool.....maybe....

    1. thanks man! the picture of CW Devvy already appeared online. Hope for better one though, haha

  2. i would like to know about intimidator pictoral review if you can make one for me...thanks...

    1. hi. sorry, i don't have them, but I did do reviews for the first four members. will try to find friend who have them and try to complete the review

  3. Hi,

    When you said "However, if you're expecting the same quality that Giant has, you'll be surprised.", do yo mean that Quantron is not as good as Giant?


    1. Yo Randy!

      Sorry but no, Quantron is not as good as GIant. The plastics felt weaker, there are loose joints on the individual figs and the combiner ports are not as 'evolutionary' as Giant's