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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Mastermind Creations R08 Azalea - Pictorial Review

This (and few after it) won't be as detailed as most other reviews since this a variant (although it's what the mold was intended for) of Azalea Stealth Assassin.

Pic Credit : MMC/TFWiki

It's kind of weird considering Azalea Stealth Assassin was released first before normal version of Azalea. I'm guessing Mastermind Creations is really confident with her that even though there's another version been released first, it won't affect the sale of the normal version (and also, Stealth Assassin was released in small numbers only).

Backstory of the character can be found below

Review of other variants can be found below

In Package

Although Azalea still follows the same theme of the Reformatted series, the artwork used is different from that of Azalea Stealth Assassin version, most notably the absence of the crazy eyes (and the color, of course).

Personally, I prefer this version of the character more than the Stealth Assassin version.

Back View

On the window of the box, there's only an another artwork of Azalea instead of 2-page comic that was included with Azalea Stealth Assassin.

Tech Spec

Instruction Manual-side of the Booklet

Comic-side of the Booklet

Azalea comes with a Tech Spec and an Instruction Manual/Comic Booklet. To my disappointment, it's the same comic that came with Azalea Stealth Assassin version rather than a sequel (or prequel, anything).

Azalea comes with a pair of swords, guns and also a flight stand.Unlike Stealth Assassin version where the sword handles and guns are light purple while the stand is black. Azalea comes with pink sword handles, guns and stand. These are also different from early Azalea concept art where the blades are blue and the guns are light black.

Alt Mode

One thing that I really enjoyed is that I can now really appreciate the detailing of the Cybertronian hover car more than that of Stealth Assassin.

Azalea's swords can be attached to the side of the alt mode and this is where I wish the blades are blue to match the color of the cockpit.

Including the stand into the set is a wise move by Mastermind Creations, perfecting the G1-inspired alt mode of Arcee.

Comparison Shots

Azalea is smaller compared to Generations Arcee but while Arcee is a bit hollow, Azalea is quite compact in alt mode. And while Generations Arcee consist of light pink, Azalea is a mix of 2 shades of pink. 

Robot Mode

Again, finally I can fully enjoy Azalea design and sculpt. The placement of colors are done right balancing the pink and white. The head sculpt is also well done and the blue eyes really pop.

Side View

Back View

Size Comparison

Azalea is almost a head taller than Generations Arcee with slim body while Arcee has a [weird] wide hips.

I think this is an important point. Since Generations had embarked to IDW design for their figures, Azalea really fit into the newer line. Case in point, Springer. With the same streamline design, Azalea feels more in tune with the aesthetic of 2013 [and onward] Generations line.

As was reviewed before, Azalea comes with wide range of articulations. The joints are all tight which makes it easy to pose and play with her.

Azalea comes with a ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders, double-jointed elbows, wrist swivels, ball joints on the thigh, double-jointed knees and ankle swivels/hinges. 

With those flexibility, it's easy to get her into great poses without even trying.

The guns do make her look good but posing her with the swords is phenomenal!

There were a lot of argument on which version of Arcee should the fans get. Whether it's PE Motobot RC, Generations Arcee or Azalea version.

Well, PE Motobot is a great figure on her own but fans still can't get behind her alt mode. While Hasbro's move to release Generations Arcee was long overdue and awaited by fans, Azalea does feel right, matching the aesthetic and design of the current Generations.

**Sorry for the short review

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