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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Maketoys MTCM-03 [Quantron] Metalstorm - Pictorial Review

Now, let us get back to Quantron. This will be last review before the grand finale, Quantron himself. Metalstorm (Not-Scattershot) is the leader of the Technobots and one of my favorite G1 characters.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Scattershot is a triple-changer that was created by Grimlock and appointed to lead the Technobots to counter the threat of the Terrocons. During the first part of The Rebirth, Scattershot was the one made out the 100 "blips" heading for them while he was manning the radar screen at the Autobot City. During the Decepticons assault, Scattershot used his rarely-seen 3rd mode, a cannon.

Example of where the rubsign shouldn't be
Pic Credit : TFWiki
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In Package

Insturction Booklet

Metalstorm instruction are 2 pages on the booklet, more complex than the previous 4 members, considering he's main figure of the set.

Metalstorm comes with 2 combiner feet and a pair of guns while the front portion of the alt mode is detachable.

Alt Mode

Metalstorm is really heavy considering his size and the heavy bomber mode is really solid and sturdy, big difference compared to his team members. Transformation between mode is really creative and fun with everything pegs in together tightly.

Side View
The alt mode is not exactly like G1 Scattershot's space cruiser mode but a nice update nonetheless, homaging his predecessor, especially on the color scheme and the cannon at front part of the alt mode.

The detailing on Metalstorm is remarkable and the paint apps are really clean. Despite the wings being segmented, the connectors are tight to hold the weight of the wings.

Might not be too obvious in this mode but the upper half of Quantron's head can be seen from the back of his alt mode. That and the visible combiner's connectors are my only complaints for his alt mode.

Detail sculpt

Full Booster Mode

For Metalstorm's Full Booster Mode, the guns are attached under him while the combiner feet are attached to the wings as thrusters.

Despite the feet/thruster being heavy, the pegs and the wings are strong enough to hold them.

The main part of the Heavy Bomber itself is already large, compared to Cloud Optimus Prime, even more so in Full Booster mode.

In group, the paint job of MT Not-Technobots looks great together, aside from Sonic Drill due to the amount of gray paint used. Still, small nitpick. 

In G1, Scattershot not only transform into a space cruiser, but also a stationary-cannon mode. But Metalstorm doesn't come with a 3rd alt mode....officially.

This is not really a hard configuration, accomplished just by flipping down the wings and the thrusters are use as a stand (I'm sure a more proper way have been done by others)

Robot Mode

The robot mode is gorgeous, well done MT! As far as homage goes, Metalstorm is what you could've ask for as Neo-G1 Scattershot, aside from the legs being white and red rather than brown and red.

The head sculpt is nicely done and the blue visor follows Scattershot in G1 cartoon, which is lucky. If MT opted for G1 toy accuracy, Metalstorm would've end up with a blue face instead.

My biggest complaint would be Quantron's head CLEARLY visible from the back. CLEARLY!

Attaching the cannon to his back make Metalstorm looks way better but does affect his stability as I had trouble making him stand up.

Other than improving his look, its the only way to conceal Quantron's head.

However, since the cannon is attached to the part below his waist, you can't twist the body without releasing the head from the compartment under the cannon.

Metalstorm is one of those figure that will look good in almost any poses. And the quality of the joints make it so much fun to play with.

Metalstorm comes with a ball-jointed head, double-jointed shoulders, ratchet joint on the elbows, hinge on the wrists, ratcheting swivel joint on the waist, ratcheting universal joints on the hips, ratchet joints on the knees and ball-jointed feet.

The flexibility of the joints plus the weight of the figure make it easy to pose him. The guns that comes with him are identical but only one white blaster for one of them.

Leave no parts behind. The thrusters can be attached to the side of Metalstorm's legs for a full weaponize gimmick. The pegs are strong and there's no problem of them falling off. 

To me, it's a nice gimmick to have all the parts attach to Metalstorm but the looks are kind of off and affect his stability just a bit.

Comparison Shots

Metalstorm scaled well with Voyager Cloud Optimus Prime, even more than TFC Blackbird, Nemean and Hydrant.

Meet the Not-Technobots. This had been my stand on the issue from the beginning. Even though Metalstorm's size is correct, the limbs to me are too small, the same issue as I have with Fansproject Not-Stunticons. But again, this is solely an issue of preference.

With Maketoys' Not-Constructicons

Maketoys's Combiner Team

Metalstorm is my personal favorite of the set. The design and aesthetic homage is spot on, the quality is top-notch and represent how a good figure should be.


  1. Really enjoying these reviews. Weird to say but a lot of the detail is lost in video reviews, for better or worse. I don't think anyone ever mentioned the head just peaking out of the back, and I never even noticed that the rear white cone is actually a homage until reading this.

    1. thanks for the compliment, still trying to improve the reviews, forgive me for any shortcoming. Personally, I don't prefer video reviews as it isn't easy to navigate to get to the point you wanted to know and without proper structure, not every details will be highlighted. That's my 2 cents.

      Anyway, thanks for dropping by, hope you'll enjoy my reviews and upcoming ones