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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Maketoys MTCM-03 [Quantron] Sonic Drill - Pictorial Review

Next, review of Quantron's Sonic Drill, Maketoys take on G1 Nosecone.

No, I'm articulated!
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For those who didn't know, before there are Technobots, there's only Nosecone. He was the first to be built by Grimlock in an attempt to counter the Terrocons and save the Autobots. With his help, the temporarily-intelligent  Grimlock managed to create the last G1 Autobot Combiner team (at least in G1 US Cartoon).
In Package

Instruction Booklet

Based on the number of the transformation sequence, Sonic Drill seems to be more complicated than Overheat. And he is!

Alt Mode

Is it just me or he looks a lot like Drillhorn?

Transformation wise, Sonic Drill is the most complicated of all compared to the rest, from robot mode to alt mode (things become a lot easier the other way around). It's absolutely important to have all the parts aligned properly to ensure nothing unpegs, the same case in combiner mode.

In alt mode, Sonic Drill comes in a different color scheme compared to G1 Nosecone where the latter is mostly in dark brown and yellow while Sonic Drill are in lighter brown with a large number of gray parts.

The drill can be rotated full circle but there's no wheel on any of the tank treads.

Sonic Drill's detailing and sculpt is beautifully done, showing how much effort Maketoys put in designing him. Transformed properly, the alt mode is really solid and compact with nothing falling off.

Just like Overheat, the alt mode is not that small compared to their robot mode. Sonic Drill is roughly the size of normal [current] deluxe figure.

Robot Mode

The transformation is a lot easier going from alt mode to robot mode, borderline intuitive. Again, Sonic Drill's design is not exactly like G1 Nosecone but not in a bad way. Despite almost entirely new take, Sonic Drill is a well-sculpted figure and has a really great design.

Side View

Back View
Maketoys manage to keep the size of Sonic Drill' back kibble small which really is plus. I would've expected, considering the alt mode, Sonic Drill to have quite a big back kibble.

The detailing and finishing on him are superb, the paint apps are as clean as they get, especially with the translucent red parts on the upper arms.

My biggest complaint is that the crotch part and the body doesn't really tab together which kind of making him hard to pose, or even standing up straight. 

As a gimmick, there're some sort of an extension from the treads at the back of his upper arms which connects to the forearm guns. A plus, sure, but I don't really see the point.

I like him, I really do. Even though his design is not something that I really prefer, the execution is great. With the detailed sculpt and articulations, Sonic Drill turns out to be quite a nice figure to play with.

Sonic Drill comes with a ball-jointed neck, ball joints and hinges on the shoulder, ball joint on the elbows and swivels above them and also on the wrists. Sonic Drill also comes with a waist swivel, ball joint and swivel on the hips, double-jointed knees and ball-jointed feet. 

Size Comparison

Roughly the same as Overheat

With Maketoys Giant

Sonic Drill was one of Quantron's team members' design that I didn't approved of initially. For those who still feels the same, rest assured, his aesthetic will change your mind. But for those who have Giant, you'll experienced a bit of a disappointment if you compare the quality between these 2 releases.


  1. He looks a bit small in comparison with giant's members. I want to see the whole review (from the remaining members to the whole Quantron together).

    1. Will post the full comparison during Metalstorm (Not-Scattershot) review