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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Mastermind Creations R08 Azalea Asterisk Mode - Pictorial Review

Okay, next (another short review)!

Back in early September, Mastermind Creations decided to release Azalea as an exclusive for Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2014, dubbed Azalea Stealth Assassins. The next month, another exclusive version of Azalea was release, during the first ever TFCon Chicago. 

It's like Mastermind Creations heard the outcry of their fans in the Asia region, Asterisk Mode was again offered, as an exclusive at Indonesia Toy, Game and Comic Convention, held on November 2014.

Reviews of previous variants can be found below :-

*again, this will be another short review

In Package

Out of the norm. Unlike previous variants, Azalea Asterisk Mode comes with an outer box, with a great artwork on the front.

The inner box doesn't follow any releases from MMC Reformatted series and just use plain green color background with blackened Azalea.

At first, I thought it was just another black repaint of Azalea, just like Stealth Assassin version and was really disappointed.

Luckily, she's not just another 'black Azalea'!

Asterisk Mode comes with a Tech Spec and an Instruction Manual/Comic, which just like I feared, the same comic that comes with Azalea and Stealth Assassin. However, it's understandable considering she is basically a non-character repaint.

Asterisk Mode comes with the same set of accessories as previous Azaleas with the stand in cyan while the sword handles and the guns are very light blue.

Alt Mode

Asterisk mode comes in white and blue paint scheme with few orange parts and translucent orange parts

The blades of the swords are the same orange color as Azalea and Stealth Assassin.

Just like Azalea, I really like Asterisk Mode as the sculpt and detailing are clearly visible. That and the choice of colors really ascend her overall looks. However, I still can't find out what homage Asterisk Mode is. All I got was that she's supposedly a background character in G1 episode, The Search for Alpha Trion.

** Asterisk mode is a homage to Alex Milne's some early draft colour variations for IDW Spotlight Arcee
Credit : Nik Khairul Amir

Just for fun, you can flip out the small wings on Asterisk Mode (intended as wings for upcoming Salvia Prominon aka Solus Prime's alt mode).

Comparison Shots

Robot Mode

Asterisk mode comes in white, blue and yellow paint apps. The overall light colors used highlights her detailed sculpt and design.

Asterisk mode comes with yellow eyes just like Stealth Assassin, just not as bright.

Side View

Back View

The overall paint apps on Asterisk Mode are very clean, without any smudges visible at all. Personally, if I have to choose which exclusive Azalea I would get, I'll go with Asterisk Mode. Black repaints are always cool but they also have the risk of losing the detailing and sculpt. Case in point, Hexatron Shadow Emissary.


Despite the number of colors present, everything seems to blend in well with one another and in the end, giving Asterisk Mode beautiful paint scheme.


Just like Azalea and Azalea Stealth Assassin, Asterisk Mode comes with a ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders, double-jointed elbows, wrist swivels, ball joint between the chest and torso, waist swivels, ball joints on the thigh, double-jointed knees and ankle swivels/hinges. 

2 non-character exclusives in less than 3 months huh? Wonder how it'll be when Mastermind Creations released their version of Not-Elita One and Not-Solus Prime...

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