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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Mastermind Creations R-06 Tigris - Pictorial Review

It seems like forever since Talon was teased and finally the [core members of] Feral Cons are complete, with the release of R-06 Tigris

Review of TFC version of Rampage can be found here.

In Package

Front View

Considering he's the fifth, there's not much to say about the box except that it follows the design of the rest of Feral Cons.

Back View

Comic Book/Instruction Manual

I won't reveal anything about the story [by Ceno Kibble] but the comic ended in cliffhanger which I'm not really sure whether there's any continuity to the story or not.

Probably the best part inside the Comic Book/Instruction manual is the concept art gallery of Salvia Prominon, Mastermind Creations' version of Solus Prime, one of the original Thirteen. The mold is a retool of their Azalea (Not-Arcee) with new weapon, Forge of Solus Prime.

Tech Spec

Tigris also comes with a Completion Kit, which consist of Add Ons for Feral Rex and also the individual bots. I'll show it in the review of Feral Rex.

Tigris accessories include a pair of Thermal Swords, a pair of Lightning Rifles and also Concussion Cannon for Leo Dux.

Alt Mode

Tigris transform into a mechanical tiger, much like TFC Phlogeus [and G1 Rampage].

Tigris consist of mostly red and orange color plastics with black parts.

The tail are on 2 hinges, 1 connecting the tail to the body and the other in the middle of the tail.

Back View

Tigris's tiger head is different from the prototype showed last year that has a square head rather than rounded at the cheeks.

Tigris's weapons can be attached to the side of the front shoulders.

Pulling down the robot mode's chest piece will reveal an empty area and the connector of the tiger's head.

The robot mode's head is visible if the tiger's head isn't push down. Even then, the robot head can be seen from certain angle.

Articulation-wise, Tigris is quite poseble with quite a wide range of movement in atl mode. The head is on a hinge and a ball joint allowing 360o rotation and also downward movement.

The jaws can also be opened [and no robot head inside!]. The shoulders of the front legs are on swivel joints and also sideway ratchet, elbows are on double hinges while the paws on single hinge. There's also a hinge on the middle section of the body.

Meanwhile for the hind legs, the haunces are on swivel joints, the knees are on hinges and the paws on ball joints.

Yes, he's a cat!

Group Shots

I was really looking forward to see the complete Feral Cons and yes, they look great in group, due to the design and uniformity of the team.

Robot Mode

Tranformation to robot mode is fairly easy with the legs similar to all the Feral Cons while the hands just like Leo Dux's transformation. Just don't forget to push up the shoulders when in robot mode.

It's kind of odd to see how Tigris's design is quite 'simple' and 'plain', compared to the rest especially Leo Dux, Bovis and Fortis.

The upper body just have a few detailing while the rest are just colored plastics.

Side View

Back View

Following roughly Talon's design doesn't really suit Tigris as he ended with exposed connector on his back without anything covering it.

The head sculpt is a nice homage to G1 Tigris plus a Ninja feels to it.

The early prototype showed Tigris with a combiner peg under the tiger's head, much like Talon. For the prototype design, I initially thought it was so that Tigris can be the sixth members (using Talon and Felisaber as Feral Rex's hands) and attached at the back of Feral Rex (and Talon's wing attached to him).

This might be nitpicking a bit but the tail can be clearly seen on his left legs, at the front.

The weapons can be attached to his shoulders (just like in Alt Mode) and also the side of the legs.

Tigris has solid and tight joints all over him, making it easy to play with.

Tigris comes with jointed head, swivels, side way ratchets and hinges on the shoulders, double-jointed elbows and wrist swivels. The body comes with a waist swivel and also a hinge allowing him to tilt forward just a little bit.

The thighs are on universal joints while the knees on ratchet joints. The feet is on ball joints. If you notice, the four Feral Rex's limbs follow the same design in general especially on the legs.

Tigris (and Talon) is quite slim in design and far more lighter compared to Bovis and Fortis.

Group Shots

Feral Cons ready!

Combiner Mode

I realized that I missed out on Talon's combiner mode, hopefully I'll be able to update the review.

Tigris form Feral Rex's right hand, just like G1 Rampage on Predaking.

It's easiest to transform him from alt mode to combine mode as opposed to transforming from robot mode.

Another thing, it seems that the forearm is quite wide to be configure like so, due to the tiger's hind legs that attached to the side of the forearm.

Coming up next, Stay tune.
The Beast!



  1. awesome! btw, u did miss the photo of the bomb piece in Tigris's chest..

    1. yeah, deleted the picture by mistake :p will re post it later

  2. Awww man i didn't notice the tail until you pointed it out. Now its gonna bug me. Lol. Waiting for mine which should arrive one month from now.

  3. Yes, you missed Talon's pictures, but hope to see them soon. Please advise or something the update is done. My first thought about the group shot in animal mode was "huh!, they look so skinny!". I definitely I prefer the bulkiness of TFC Ares, but these guys do their job for sure.

    1. Will definately update once I settle my pending reviews :)

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