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Friday, 26 September 2014

Transformers Expo Japan Exclusive Evasion Nemesis Prime - Pictorial Review

This review is about a character that appeared in almost every Transformers toylines post 2000 era, Nemesis Prime. In general, Nemesis Prime is an evil clone with personalities and moral the exact opposite of the Autobots Leader, Optimus Prime.

In almost every toyline since 2003, there's a Red, Black and Teal version of Optimus Prime, dubbed Nemesis Prime. However, the name often mistakenly used to also address Scourge that made his debut in Robot In Disguise (2001) or Black Convoy (merely a black Optimus Prime). The name Nemesis Prime is also referring to the corrupted Dead Universe version of Nova Prime in IDW Continuity.

Nemesis Prime was featured in an episode of Transformers:Prime series as a MECH-built copy of Optimus Prime controlled by Silas. Bringing Nemesis Prime to life includes a complete scan Optimus Prime's body, analysis of Breakdown's body components and the installation of Starscream's T-Cog.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

This exclusive repaint of Evasion Mode Optimus Prime, Evasion Nemesis Prime was made available during Transformers Expo Japan in August 2014 together with Nemesis Grimlock, a Black-Purple-Teal repaint of AoE Voyager Grimlock. Both were sold at around 5000 Yen.

Review of Rusty Version Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (TRU Japan Exclusive) can be found here.

In Package

Nemesis Prime comes in similar packaging as all other Evasion Mode Optimus Primes (aside from the multipack version) but in black and white.

I'm not sure but as of now, this remained solely as Transformers Expo Japan Exclusive and can't be find elsewhere resulting the price tripled in secondary market.

Back View

Well, the bio is not perfect (belching black smoke and evil smell?) but imagine how different Age of Extinction movie would be if the human-made Transformers that the Autobots fought was Nemesis Prime instead of Galvatron.

The best of Evasions

Nemesis Prime comes with a teal-colored gun which I personally think could've been better if they opted for black color instead.

From the top
Takara Version, Nemesis, Rusty

Alt Mode

The fact that Evasion Mode mold homages to G1 Optimus Prime is one of the smartest move the movie franchise ever made. That, paired with the black, red and teal deco really made this a highly desirable release.

The rims and tires are monotone unlike Rusty's and Nemesis Prime still has a lot of gray unpainted plastics visible.

One thing that I really don't like is attaching the gun at the back. I really wished that Hasbor designed the gun able to be stored somewhere inside the alt mode.

One thing that surprises me is that Nemesis Prime doesn't only use glossy black but instead a mix glossy and matte black.

Nemesis Prime follows the same deco as Takara Evasion Mode Optimus Prime with the only differences are the color of the stripes and the insignia.

Comparison Shots

Robot Mode

For me personally, a black colored figure can never go wrong but Nemesis Prime is really well done. Even with the way the Evasion Mode transform, there are no decos or colored plastics from the alt mode ended up in the wrong place in robot mode.

Side View

Despite teal is one of the official color for Nemesis Prime, I found that the one on his back is kind of out of place, maybe worked better with just plain black considering it is not visible in both modes.

The light piping is really well done and the way design is, even the chest windows light up nicely.

Another thing that I would've changed is the gray plastics on the grill, the fists, the crotch, the upper legs and the feet which kind of ruined the premium paint job on Nemesis Prime.

Like I said before, not really a fan of the teal gun. Maybe someone could repaint it into black with red detailing?

Articulation wise, Nemesis Prime's head is on a ball joint and a hinge, swivels and ratchet joints on the shoulders, bicep swivels, hinges on the elbows and also wrist swivels. He also comes with a waist swivels, universal joints on the hips, thigh swivels, hinges on the knees, as well as ankle tilts.

Comparison Shots

Personally for me, these 3 are my favourite variants of the Evasion Mode. Takara Evasion Mode Optimus Prime has better paint apps compared to Hasbro Evasion Mode Optimus Prime, Rusty Version has a more premium finishing compared to the one in Breakout Battle set and as of now, this is the only version for Nemesis Prime/Black Convoy.

Optimus Prime needs a mouthplate!

Would this be a better plot for Age Of Extinction?

IF I'm a movie collector, these 3 would be on my Must-Have list of all the releases. Movie lines kind of went downhill after Revenge of The Fallen and despite Age Of Extinction being a bit better compared to Dark Of The Moon, the releases are still below average compared to its first 2 predecessors. 

But just like how great the Revenge Of The Fallen Leader Optimus Prime mold [which allow it to be milk continuously before], Evasion Mode mold really stands out in Age Of Extinction/Lost Age line and this Nemesis Prime is definately a must have.

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