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Thursday, 11 September 2014


Since I began, never really bothered about the layout but I think I should do something with the layout of the site. So, fiddle around with the design and though it's not yet final, kind of satisfied with the result. Special thanks to Randy Lajara for giving me tips on the design

Playing around with few pictures that I've taken for an idea of logo or background (or something) and these are what I have right now

On separate notes, upcoming reviews will be TFC Phobos (expected next week), MMC Tigris (and Feral Rex), TFC Hydrant, X-Transbot Ollie and maybe some official stuff (Deluxe Arcee, Chromia and Voyager Brainstorm) depending on their release date


  1. I have to say that I was no expecting that mention, I do know to feel XD. I'm the one have to say "thank you", for letting me be a little part of your project (even if it was no planned jajaja).

    I like the first picture with the effect of the 4th one. You could also apply more transparency, so the logo stands out more. I know I have said that before, but try logo a bit bigger :P

    Thanks again.

    1. haha, just giving credit when the credit is due. owh and the logo on the pictures is just as watermark