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Monday, 12 May 2014

TFC Phlogeus [Project Ares] - Pictorial Review

It seems that it's all about the Predacons lately. After Leo Dux of Feral Rex, here's a review of TFC Phlogeus (Not-Rampage) of TFC Ares.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

He wasn't named Rampage for nothing. Pure rage, blazing fury and destructive nature pretty much sums Rampage up. During the Generation 1 cartoon, the Predacons appeared in numerous occasions but more as a group rather than as individuals so it's kind of hard to tell Rampage's role in the cartoon series (at least as far as I remember).

Pic Credit : TFWiki

In Package

Continuing the theme of Project Ares, Phlogeus maintained a black-themed box with a picture of the figure, just like Nemean that was released before him (and maybe Conabus after him). It still wish they put an artwork of him just like with Hercules and Uranos.

Back View

Phlogeus comes with a tech spec and also an instruction sheet. I wonder, will 3rd party companies come up with anything new to include with their releases.

Alt Mode

Just like his G1 counterpart, Phlogeus comes in red and orange with a few black and grey parts.

The tiger mode is nicely done with proper proportion. One thing that always worries me with combiners is that whether or not any of the modes being sacrificed to make the others work. So far, alt mode is a win for me.

I like that Phlogeus use the same approach as Nemean (as opposed to MMC Leo Dux) where the hind legs aren't just an appendage but full-fledged limbs

The jaw can be opened and the head portion can be lifted due to the way the head is connected.

The alt mode has a pretty decent articulations especially on the the front leg while the hind legs are a little bit limited.

One thing TFC never left out - Bad**s light piping
Size Comparison

The one thing that TFC doesn't do right for Ares, in my opinion. The scale. Different from other combiners, Predaking is like Devastator with all the members roughly the same size. Even though G1 Razorclaw is a bit bigger than the rest, he's still not as big as a 'commander' type figure.

Design wise, I like how Phlogeus and Nemean fit together, despite my previous worries.

Side View
Now let's compare with the Feralcons

I can't be sure how big will MMC Tigris (Not-Rampage) will be but from the looks of it, Phlogeus is a bit smaller compared to the existing Feralcons.

Robot Mode

Before I proceed, would like to remind that for CHURGs, there are usually 2 type of designs. First is the G1 CHURGs where the design is based on either the G1 cartoon or the G1 toys. Few example like MMC Hexatron, MMC Feralcons and few others. Another is the Neo-G1 CHURGs where the design is inspired by the G1 iteration but with significant changes. Almost the entire CHURG lines follow the rule. Moving on

Presenting, Neo-G1 Not-Rampage, Phlogeus! There significant different between the design of G1 Rampage and Phlogeus but I like the end product. Maybe it's my preference, haha

Transformation quite simple and straight forward for Phlogeus but the legs are a bit troublesome, more or less following Nemean design. I wondered where does the design came from and my best guess would be based on IDW continuity

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Phlogeus head sculpt is better than Nemean but still a bit too simple in my opinion.

Back View
Phlogeus has a clean design on the back without much kibble

Phlogeus comes with a melee weapon (sorry, not sure the name but my best guess is an Ice Axe or maybe a Tomahawk) and a blaster.

The tail can be attached at the end of the melee weapon

I love Phlogeus articulations, I must say.

Phlogeus comes with a ball jointed head, double-jointed shoulders, double-jointed elbows, wrist swivels, waist swivel, ratcheting joints on the thighs and knees and also swivel on the front part of the feet.

Stability test is a must

Size comparison with TFC Nemean
Like I said, Phlogeus and Nemean should've been roughly the same size, just like the G1 version.

Combiner Mode

Phlogeus by default transform into Ares's right hand just like G1 Rampage. Transformation wise Phlogeus follow most TFC combiner with some additional features

Among the features is the combiner fist comes with 6 fingers instead of 5 (2 thumbs). There are few reasons I have in mind, first is to give a more Ares a more animalistic design and second maybe, from experience, people tend to buy another set of the hand just to have the combiner able to use to same figure as right and left hand without doing any changes.

Out of the three TFC combiners (excluding Prometheus as the hand haven't been released yet), Phlogeus has the best joint in arm mode as it neither depend on the individual bot's thigh (like Uranos) nor small ratchet joint (like Hercules)

I have doubt before but no more!

Just one complaint in combined mode, Nemean yellow hands kind of spoil the paint scheme of Ares. Despite following roughly G1 paint scheme, the hands should be able to be concealed better. However, depending on how Not-Divebomb wings will be attached, there might be something I can change on the configuration.

Just like MMC Feral Rex, TFC Ares can also have extended legs to give him a taller look

Here's the result of both combiners in extended mode (assuming Ares's legs are the same height as Uranos's)

Nothing much to say, I can't wait for both Predaking to be completed!


  1. Is there plastic ties for the figure in the box? If yes, are those like rubber band in which you need to cut them to remove the figure?

    1. Yes there are. You can either cut em or untwist from the back