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Monday, 12 May 2014

Unique Toys A01 Soundmixer - Pictorial Review

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Less than a month ago, I watched a youtube clip by TheFineBros, Kids React to Walkmans (Portable Cassette Players) which made me feel old...really old..

Based on the clip, I kind of understand why Hasbro still haven't (maybe wouldn't) produce this iconic character (not in the version that fans want at least) in the CHURGs line.

Pic Credit : TFWiki
DJ in da house. Fans of G1 will never forget Blaster, the most happening bot out there. He is loud. He is energetic. He is closest to the earth cultures than any of his comrades. In a long rivalry with Decepticon Communications Officer, Soundwave, Blaster was joined by a cassette army to help him settling the scores with Soundwave and his minion.

Pic Credit : TFWiki

Unlike most important G1 characters, Blaster never really have an appropriate toy aside from the G1 version (and Reissues, etc) while his arch enemy, Soundwave received several updates with the most recent a Masterpiece treatment (both Hasbro and Takara version).

With the volume of 3rd Party companies nowadays, it surprised me that no one ever release Blaster until this year, by Unique Toys (and next, Mega Steel).

In Package

Unique Toys caught my attention with the packaging of Soundmixer (Not-Blaster) that carries a retro feeling resembling the early day of Marvel UK Comic Books.

Back View
 I like the fact that Unique Toys doesn't use the same design template for all of their releases. However, packaging quality wise, Soundmixer is still not as good as Maniaking.

Out of box
Aside from the figure, Soundmixer comes with an instruction sheet and a tech spec, much like most releases nowadays.

Instruction Sheet

Tech Spec

Alt Mode

The alt mode that Geewunners has been waiting for so long. A [Not] Blaster transforming into a Boombox is like a really rare dream comes true considering that Hasbro and Takara feel that the alt mode is obsolete and unappealing to kid nowadays.

Back View
Unique Toys more or less use G1 Blaster transformation sequence for Soundmixer which is a nice touch for his fans. However, I do wish that they do not only cater for the front side of the alt mode as the back side is an eyesore.

Another complaint would be the use of unpainted gray plastic. I'm not sure whether it's the same type used by HasTak nowadays but it surely looks like one. Despite that, I like the detailing of Soundmixer a lot.

The paint job on Soundmixer is pretty clean at least on mine. No smudges or anything.

A tape cassette can be stored inside of Soundmixer as shown below. However, the compartment is a bit too small to store any G1 cassettes or most 3rd party releases that I know of (as far as I remember).

Cleverly done, the cassette tape transform into Soundmixer gun (can be seen below in Robot Mode section)

Aside from that, Soundmixer comes with armor add on that includes chest and shoulder armors, something that resembles a night-vision goggle and also a gun that looks pretty much like a hailer. All of these can't be stored in Soundmixer alt mode.

Size Comparison with Bumblebee

Robot Mode

As Blaster as it gets. Personally I think Unique Toys decided to make their iteration as such is to capture the aesthetic of G1 Blaster.

Soundmixer has a really nice head sculpt with great detailing. There are few angles though where he seems to have a cat face. LOL

Side View
Soundmixer has a clean design and pretty much kibble free.

Back View
Unlike from the front, Soundmixer's back is a bit plain with almost no paint apps on his lower body.

Despite that, the detailing of his mold is still nicely done.

The cassette tape that form his blaster

Soundmixer with full armor mode brought a whole new look and improvement to his aesthetic. However, I still can't find any reference of such design in any media or publications.

All the accessories (except for the gun) used pressure clipping to be attached to Soundmixer. I wonder will they last long considering removing them is a must every time you need to transform him. And as good as the idea was, the execution is poorly done as the accessories are all black unpainted plastics.

Size Comparison with Bumblebee

It's worth mentioning that Soundmixer's articulation weren't hinder by the accessories which is a plus. Now lets proceed without them

Considered my way of stability test

One thing that I supposed Unique Toys could improve with Soundmixer is his articulations. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible, it's just a bit limited. Soundmixer comes with ball jointed head, waist swivel, swivel and ratchet joints on his thighs, a swivel joints below it, ratchet joint on the knees and swivel on his feet.

The articulations for his shoulders however is pretty much disappointing. There are a swivel and a hinge on each of the shoulders but the way it is put, there's few limitation on the range of movement.

Also making his arms look quite silly

Looking the name (UT A01 Soundmixer), I wonder what'll come next? Will A02 be his arch enemy? Or will it be Soundmixer's minions?

For Soundmixer, there's only 2 complaints, the simplicity of his transformation and alt mode and the articulations of his shoulder. Other than that, he's golden!

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